Woodworking Plans: Where are they at?

The Best Collection of Woodworking Plans OnlineIt seems to me that there is no congruent source for woodworking plans online.  I find myself searching far too often for the woodworking plans that would otherwise solve my carpentry problems.  I have been a hobbyist woodworker for 3 years now.  I am not a master of this lifelong craft by any means.  However, I can follow a properly outlined woodworking plan and end up with successful results.

The search for woodworking plans for carpentry projects has been arduous and stressful at times.  Even searching online yields few results and leaves me with half completed plans that demand astronomical prices for the missing pieces of a single plan.  It is obvious these are scammers, and it is disheartening to think that older woodworkers who aren’t as tech-savvy might be misled by one of them.  If you have to pay for half of a woodworking plan, then someone is pulling your leg.

Seasoned woodworkers need to come together, take WIA conferences for example, and consider forming a group to start compiling the woodworking plans we so desperately need.  With a regularly updated and comprehensive guide to general carpentry that contains a selection of universal woodworking plans, we could attract many new people to the woodworking craft and revive carpentry for seasoned woodworkers.

Why continue letting our craft be inaccessible to young and aspiring woodworkers? Finding or creating a great collection of woodworking plans that is available online would be an excellent way to reach out to the next generation of carpenters and woodworkers.

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