What you need to know before you buy tradelines.

You’ll never meet a person who tells you that their credit is good enough. Even if their credit isn’t keeping them from much, people are always looking to improve it. A higher credit score means the ability to borrow more money, it means the ability to get higher limit credit cards, and it essentially means that you have more financial freedom. Thus, people are always looking for ways to improve their credit scores. They take out a new credit card in their name to give it a boost, they purchase a new home or cosign on a loan that they know will be paid on time, and so much more. One of the newest things that people are doing is buying tradelines. In case you’re not familiar with the term, a tradeline is basically anything that a credit reporting agency uses to determine your credit score. A credit card line, a loan for education, a home mortgage, etc. are all examples of tradelines. When a person is looking to buy tradelines, they are essentially looking for a way to add a line of credit to their credit score so they can receive an immediate boost. This is also known as piggybacking credit, and it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to credit reporting. It initially started when parents would add their soon-to-be-adult children to their credit card so that the child could start reaping the benefits of good credit. When the credit reporting agencies ran the kid’s credit, the only thing that would come up would be the credit card of their parents that they were also a user on. This is essentially the same thing that goes on when people are buying tradelines, only they’re usually not doing it from their relatives and instead are buying them through a third party. The best way to show this would likely be with an example. Let’s look at BoostMyScore.NET, a company that sells tradelines to consumers to help them improve their credit score quickly. BoostMyScore.NET works with consumers who have great credit scores and credit cards with high limits and low balances. They then provide those people with money that they earn from other individuals who pay for the opportunity to piggyback on the other person’s card. In essence, they provide consumers with the opportunity to piggyback onto others’ credit cards. When they do so, the consumers get a huge boost to their credit because the positive credit from the credit card they’re jumping onto essentially copies and pastes onto their own credit. Thus, that credit card from the time it was first opened is placed onto their credit overnight. Within a couple of months, the person will get a huge boost to their credit from jumping onto this other person’s credit card. Buying a tradeline like this is one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your credit score. If you need a boost to help you get the loan you’ve been looking for to buy a home, buying tradelines is a great option for you.