Weight loss tips from a personal trainer

So you’re looking to lose weight but you are not sure where to start. Have no fear, these are our top tips from a personal trainer on how to be successful with a weight loss plan:

  • Do not fear the weight room. It can be tempting to just stick to the cardio room and rotate between the treadmill and the elliptical machine, but cardio alone is not the answer to losing weight. In order to lose weight, you need to pump up your metabolism, which you can do easier and more effectively by lifting weights. Also remember that the treadmill is only going to work your legs, if you are looking to achieve an overall toned look, you want to incorporate exercises that work your butt, back, and arms as well.
  • Lift higher weights. Many women in particular are afraid of lifting big weights because “they don’t want to get big muscles” this is a myth that has been slow to die, but the truth is to get big, bulky muscles like we see on TV, you need to put in some serious time and effort at the gym. Putting down the Barbie weights and stepping up your weight limits is not going to make you look like a bodybuilder, but it will increase your metabolism and encourage you to burn more fat in your workouts.
  • Drink lots of water – being well hydrated is the key to a lot of things in life: better sleep, better health, and also better workouts. Going to the gym when you are dehydrated is counter productive. It can actually hinder muscle gains and increate your stress hormones.
  • Balance your workouts with good food – Working out is only half the battle when you are trying to lose weight. You need to complement all the work that you are putting in at the gym with a healthy balanced diet. That means reducing your sugar intake (that includes alcohol) and eating more protein and more vegetables.
  • Mix it up – Do not stick to the same workout routine day in and day out, try mixing it up so that you keep using different muscle groups on different days. Group training classes are excellent ways to work different muscle groups.
  • Get enough sleep – Showing up to the gym after 4 hours of sleep is tantamount to showing up dehydrated and hung over. You are not going to be a productive in the gym and you will be frustrated with the lack of results. Also, lack of sleep can affect your metabolism!
  • Know the difference between sore and injured – You should never work out a muscle group with it is injured, but make sure that you know when you are injured and when you are just sore. Sore muscles will actually recover quicker when you work out while you are sore, but trying to push through the pain of an injury is just going to make the injury more serious. Your personal trainer can help design a workout that takes an injury into account so you do not have to miss your workouts.