Virtual Offices have many benefits

Currently, the government estimates that there are approximately 28 million small businesses that are open and operating in the United States this year. Those small
businesses account for up to 54% of all business transactions that took place this year, and the projected numbers for next year are expected to see an increase in profitability numbers. The economy is ripe for small businesses and startups, so if you are on the fence about whether or not it is the right time to go into business for yourself, now is the time! With the focusing continuing to shift towards smaller businesses, the demand for traditional office spaces has also seen a change. Instead of large office buildings that are suited for companies with several hundred employees taking over the real estate scene, there are more buildings that are converting their space into virtual office spaces

A virtual office space is a place where a small business or startup can conduct business from without the huge frontloading expense of signing a long term lease agreement on an office building. The Office Evolution in Holladay offers a business person the ability to work from an office, have access to a conference center, or even have a virtual receptionist at your service to help maintain the air of professionalism that your clients and colleagues expect and respect.

There are many benefits to using a virtual office solution to your small business. Often it will allow you to work alongside other business professionals and will provide you with the ability to network with other small business owners. Some virtual offices can also offer mailing solutions. They can provide you with a business address from which you can send and receive correspondences that does not have a P.O. Box in the address title. They can also sign for and accept packages when you are not there.

Instead of having to choose between taking business calls on your cell phone (which looks amateurish) and having to pay additional expensive fees for a business landline (which will only benefit you if you also hire a receptionist to staff the phone) you can instead choose a smarter option. Virtual receptionists will answer your business calls for you, no matter what time of day the client decides to phone you. Their expert automated system can direct a caller through the correct prompts and the either take a message for you or forward their call directly to you. This may mean that they forward calls to your cell phone if you are away from the office, or to a landline, depending on what you designate ahead of time. They can also help you to screen out unwanted sales calls or calls that may not be relevant to your business.

Starting a business is already a daunting task, so why make it harder than it has to be? Do not spend some of your precious startup capital on paying for office space that will be under utilized and unnecessary. Instead, choose an virtual office space.