While the majority of the population in this country lives far away from the great state of Alaska, people have been making the long trip out to the state in record numbers over the past few years. There are now three more airlines which offer daily flights to Alaska, and the board of tourism is reporting that in 2016 Alaska saw more tourist than in the previous five years combined. The major cities in Alaska are building up their hotels and hostels in order to receive the influx of new visitors which are arriving. State parks have also begun to expand their camping areas, as a great many of the visitors that Alaska receives come for the outdoor experience. Another thing which is really catching on in Alaska is the trend of train tours. Local train tour agencies such as,, have opened seven new lines in the last two years which can bring people to many different destinations in the state, and through many different routes. Traveling through Alaska by train is a popular choice for many different reasons.

Frist and foremost, seeing Alaska through a train journey is so popular because it is so much fun. No other form of transportation allows people to sit back and enjoy the beauty of Alaska in a comfortable and warm setting. Alaskan vacations are all about taking in the wonder of nature, and the train provides that experience in a way which no other form of transportation can. The endless beauty of the Alaskan countryside combined with the fun and comfort of a train is something which creates a journey that is unparalleled by anything else.

Apart from the fact that traveling through Alaska by train is so much fun, it is also the most practical way to travel across the state.  Alaska railroads cover massive areas of the state because they were used to bring people around the area during the gold rush years. The same railways which were originally constructed for mining companies have now been restored and are in use by the passenger train companies. The highway system in Alaska is very limited, and even those areas which are connected by highway are often unpassable because of the frequent snow storms and other harsh weather conditions that make traveling by car in Alaska almost impossible. People that want to explore the isolated areas of Alaska can really only do so by train or air. Taking an airplane from place to place in Alaska is quick, but it makes it hard for people to see all the wonderful places between one town and the next. There are also a very limited number of airports in Alaska, so air travel is restricted to a small handful of towns in select areas of the state. By rail tourists are able to get to many of the states most isolated national parks which otherwise could only be reached by foot from the closest town, which in many cases may be miles away. For those that want to get to the truly wild parts of Alaska, the railroad provides access which other modes of transportation can’t.