Tips for Taking You Dog to an Animal Hospital

pet hospitalPets get sick just like we do and they require medical help from experts. Having an animal hospital in your area that you can trust is very important for this very reason. Taking your pet to the vet is already stressful for us because we are worried about the illness or pain, and having a dog stressing because of fear of the vet can make everything more complicated. We have some tips that can help your dog not be as anxious when they go to the vet.

  • Car Rides: This is something that could really frighten your dog. If they never take car rides, then the noise and movement can scare them and make them nauseous. The best thing you can do is take them for rides regularly so that when an emergency arises, they will not be as scared.
  • Carriers: For dogs that are small enough, transporting them to a pet hospital in a carrier can be a good idea, especially if they are used to being in the carrier. The carrier will offer a sense of protection and it will also ensure that the dog does not try to dart away when you bring them into the hospital. Be sure to provide some type of  bedding inside that has the dog’s scent.
  • Examination Help: When it is time to have your dog examined by a vet, you should offer to help. Having someone nearby will put your dog at ease. If your dog tends to get aggressive when he or she is scared, be sure to bring a muzzle, as well.
  • Information: Make the waiting time shorter by having your pet’s info on hand. It can be important to know a dog’s age before treating them so if you do not know it exactly, make an informed guess. If it is the first time your dog goes to this hospital, expect for them to be weighed and thoroughly examined.
  • Be Calm: Your dog will take his cue from you. If you are visibly anxious or scared, your dog will be as well. Speak softly while in the waiting room and try not to sit too rigidly, A dog will notice all of this. Avoid getting tense when the vet begins to examine your dog so that the process goes smoothly. Offer encouraging words to your pet regularly throughout the visit to put them at ease.

Animal hospitals are prepared for everything. They can deal with all kinds of domestic animals, so it is important that you remain calm throughout the visit. Allow the experts to do their work without interfering. When bringing your dog to an animal hospital, you want to have all of their information ready and if possible, to have your pet quiet and relaxed. Do not let them interact with other animals, since there could be ill animals waiting. Some hospitals have toys, but always bring one from home that has your dog’s scent. This can really help relieve some anxiety. Follow these tips to have a much more positive experience.