The three primary reasons why people visit a diamond appraiser.

http://www.cologemlabs.comAs you likely already know, a diamond appraiser is an individual who determines how valuable a diamond is by looking at its size, looking closely at its cut, and studying its luminosity. Diamond appraisers typically have degrees in their craft and have practiced at it for many years, often even decades. They use specific equipment to aid them in their craft and are highly skilled at determining how valuable a piece of jewelry is within a few minutes time. Most diamond appraisers are also experts at appraising other types of gems and stones found in necklaces, rings, and bracelets. While they aren’t the kind of people you give much thought to on a daily basis, diamond appraisers play a key role in American society. There are three primary reasons why people visit such people.

1. Divorce. The most common reason for an individual to visit a diamond appraiser is because they are going through a divorce. If you’ve ever gone through a divorce yourself then you understand that generally all of the assets have to divided evenly. Jewelry tends to be worth a lot of money, so the parties involved in the divorce have to get all of the jewelry appraised to determine how much it’s worth so that it can be included with the rest of the assets and divided up evenly. If one party wants to keep all of the jewelry then they’re going to have to offset its value by giving the other party something else. An accurate assessment of the jewelry’s value is needed to make sure that assets are divided evenly.

2. Estate Planning. The second most common reason for people to visit a diamond or jewelry appraiser is to do so during estate planning. If someone wants to leave all of their jewelry behind to their children they must determine exactly how much that jewelry is worth before filling out their estate plan. Everything must be valued accurately for such plans under the law.

3. Charitable Giving. Finally, many people visit a diamond or jewelry appraiser when they are looking to donate some of their jewelry to a charity. Once again, an accurate assessment of the jewelry’s value must be made in order for the donation to be right with the law. The charity needs to feel confident that they know exactly how much the donation is for before they are able to accept it.

These are the three most common reasons for an individual to visit a jewelry or diamond appraiser. If you’re in need of a diamond appraiser for any of these reasons, it’s important to take your time selecting one. Not all of them are equally adept at their craft, and you’ll want to make sure that you find the highest quality appraiser you can. If you’re lucky enough to live in Colorado, then Colorado Gem Labs should be your first choice. They’ve been in operation for roughly thirty-five years and have developed an outstanding reputation in their industry. Visit their website or stop by their store to have all of your diamond appraisal needs handled.