The five reasons your weight loss program isn’t working

Anyone who has ever had any kind of problem with their weight knows that most of the time when you start an online weight loss program, it is only a short matter of time before you put those pounds back on and you are right back to where you started. This is because no one really knows how the body works when it comes to fitness and diet, we are mostly guessing and figuring out as we go. We know many things that work for a lot of people but there are always gaps and always problems in the overall equation. One of the reasons that this is so is because when we look at online weight loss programs, they only look at a portion of the overall concept of a healthy lifestyle and according to Fast Easy Weight Loss, other diets don’t look at all of the different root causes of problems losing weight loss

  1. Body toxicity, we consume a lot of different chemicals every day without even thinking about it and some scientists think that this one of the biggest reasons that people have difficulties losing weight. Fast Easy Weight Loss calls these endocrine disruptors and obesogens and claim that these things have an adverse affect on our metabolism and our hormone systems.
  2. Gut health- our gut is full of millions of little bacteria and what kind of bacteria we have can make all of the difference in many parts of our life and everything with our digestion. When these “bad” bacteria get into our guts, according to Fast Easy Weight Loss they can make us gain weight, kill our willpower, put us in a bad mood, kill our motivation, cause brain fog and even kill our sex drive.
  3. Hormone balance- our hormones control a surprising amount of things in our body and if our hormones are off in any way, it can crash our weight loss goals, put us in a bad mood and again, even kill our sex life.
  4. Inflammation- basic water weight, according to Fast Easy Weight Loss, you have between ten and fifteen pounds of water in your body that you can expel in order to get thin. By getting your gut bacteria in check, you can lose these fifteen pounds in almost an instant.
  5. Epigenitics- your basic genes of course have an effect on your weight and how your body deals with stored fats but don’t worry, with the right weight loss supplements from Fast Easy Weight Loss, you can change the way that your genes express themselves from being fat genes to thin genes in a few weeks.

If you have tried with different diets and have failed, don’t worry, it’s not your fault. You only failed because of your genes, hormones and bad gut bacteria. That might sound grave but with the right weight loss supplements and online weight loss program from Fast Easy Weight Loss, you can change all of these factors in a matter of weeks and get your weight back on track and never struggle with your weight ever again.