The Experts at Thiessen Law Firm Will Work Very Hard Against the Prosecution

When you are an attorney and you specialize in DWI’s, you better know the laws and how the court works toward DWI’s. You need to take care of your clients and if you are not staying up with laws, you will have a hard time defending your clients. If you are someone with a new DWI and you are really worried, you will want to talk to the attorneys of Thiessen Law Firm. They will get you the right defense that you deserve. If you are new to this, you are probably pretty stressed out. Getting a DWI, can be a life changer. You will not want this on your record. With the right law firm, you have a better chance of getting a reduced sentence or a dismissed case. This is the desired outcome, but you will be lucky even if you get a reduced sentence. If there was a car accident or any injuries, you will want the best defense team on your side.Harris County DWI Lawyer Even if the accident wasn’t your fault, if you are found above the legal limit for alchol consumption, you can be indicted for drunk driving. If you were driving and there was an accident where someone was injured or killed, you could be at fault if you were intoxicated. There are many variables and you will want this team of expert DWI lawyers to take your case. You will need all of the help that you can get.

If this is your first DUI offense, you will want to let this team of DWI lawyers be on your side to prove that you were not at fault. If you felt like you were wrongly convicted, you will want to let these great lawyers help you. Hopefully, they can get your case thrown out so that you will be able to maintain your clean record. Don’t be afraid to get this great law team on your side. It will be worth it if they get you a reduced sentence or get your case dropped. That would be the best outcome. When you have the Houston DWI lawyers on your side, you will be amazed at the things that they can do for you. They are the best in the business and they know the DWI laws very well. They will help you to get the outcome that you deserve. They are honest and they will never convince you of an outcome that they aren’t certain about. They will work hard to prove your innocence.

Those who are not ready to go to jail, need to call the Houston DWI attorney of Mark Thiessen. He is an expert and knows the science behind the breath test. Because of this, he also knows how to argue this with the prosecution. He is ready to defend you and help you get the desired results. He is ready to work hard for you and he will leave no stone unturned for your defense. He will do his own investigation and will find the witnesses that can give testimony in your favor.