The Control4 home automation system

We all have gotten to the point where we love our devices. When we realize that we have left the house without our phones, most of the time we are sent into a panic that levels on when we were a kid and lost our parents inside a busy shopping mall. I am not saying it makes sense or even that this crazy amount of dependence that we put upon a chunk of metal and plastic is a good things, instead I am purely akwnoldging something that we all experience but probably wish that we didn’t. Since our mobile devices, especially our phones, are so precious to us and always at our side, it makes sense that so many companies are trying to figure out how to integrate their products to be used with our phones or other mobile devices.

While there are of course going to be some industries that work better with the idea of mobile integretaion than others, one of the industries that work particularly well with mobile devices and have made a good carving out of the market for themselves is the home autmation industry. Companies such as AV Connect have found a way to make our lives simpler with the integration of a mobile app instead of adding another thin level of complication like a lot of other apps do.

With the Control4 app, the home automation app developed and used by AV Connect, people can control a number of different systems throughout their home just by opening the app and choosing a few buttons. Pretty much anything that is hooked up in one way or another to a computer in your home can be configured so that it can be easily controlled by the app. Some of the common things that people hook up to their phones with the Control4 app are their thermostats, their home theater systems or just their movie system, TVs and speakers if they don’t have the full scale home theater, their home security system, their fireplaces or anything else that you can think of. There are really a surprising amount of things that can be hooked up to the Control4 app so that you can control them at any time and any place. Since the app works off of internet connection, you can be half way across the world and be able to turn off your lights if you forgot to do it while you were leaving or you can be immediately notified if something sets off your home alarm system such as a break in or a fire.

There are so many possibilities with the AV Connect home automation system, you can really choose what you want to focus on and what you want to do with the home automation system in order to make your life easier and more comfortable. Whatever you want to do with your home automation system it is basically up to you, as long as it is working on a computer system or is somehow automated, it should not be too terribly difficult to be able av connectto set up into your home automation system.