Thank goodness for young people!

Thank goodness for my nephew. He is a little computer genius! He understands everything about the internet, so he helps me all of the time with my small business’s marketing strategies. My nephew, Sam, is twenty-three and he is a website designer for a great Denver web development firm. He is a recent graduate from college and he landed this position because he was top in his class for graphic design and computer science.

Ever since Sam was fifteen, he has always helped me with computer applications. My husband and I own and operate a small coffee shop and restaurant in our small town outside of Denver. We are getting up in age, so I never grew up knowing computers like Sammy did.

He created this wonderful website design and logo for our company at age eighteen! How impressive is that! We are very proud of him and I don’t let me sister (Sam’s mom) forget it.

It is crazy how much our business has grown since the implication of our website. Somehow, Sam got us hooked up on various different search engines and restaurant finders, so I think that has helped significantly. I also think that it helps that we have expanded to different locations around the Denver-metro area. We now have coffee shops in four different locations around Denver and Boulder. Who knows what is in store for our business, but if Sam has anything to do with it, then I don’t think I will ever retire (and that’s a good thing but I would get too bored).

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