Should you seek treatment for your varicose veins?

Eventually we all get those troublesome varicose veins on our legs that seem to get worse over time and never go away.  For women they especially pop up during pregnancy or immediately after and they never really go away.  Even when we are sure to move our legs Texas EVAenough during the day, the inevitable will happen.  Varicose veins become noticeable once they have become stretched out, causing the tiny valves inside to stop working properly.  These valves then slowly leak blood through openings in the wrong direction (veins and arteries only flow one way).  The blood gets backed up because it is being pushed against the regular flow, and it then pools in areas of the vein that are stretched out by the additional volume.  These stretched out areas with pooled blood are what we see on the surface.  Due to the pooled volume, varicose veins always look swollen and they tend to bulge out of the skin a bit.  The most common areas for varicose veins to arise are on the legs, where they might bulge out but remain the same color as the skin.  Others tend to appear more blue or red, but still push out towards the surface.

Someone who suffers from varicose veins may complain of burning, itching, or numbness.  The limb in question also may feel achy, tired, or especially heavy.  Others experience restless legs at night or associated nighttime cramping that can be quite a nuisance.  Many people think that varicose veins are just something that happens with old age but they are preventable with enough time.  They are not just something that you should have to deal with if you were unfortunately enough to get them.  Now there is something that can be done to remedy those unsightly veins that you’ve been covering up with pants for years.  Especially if you are experiencing clotting or something serious with varicose veins, you should see a specialist.

Many people get varicose veins confused with spider veins.  They are both created due to a malfunction in the vein, which is usually created by a person misusing their limbs.  Certain professionals who stand all day, like police officers or teachers, are at higher risk of varicose and spiders veins because of the strain they are putting on their legs.  Spider veins are tiny veins that you can see through he skin, they are usually dark purple or red.  In some cases they can be itchy or burn red, but for the most part they can’t be felt inside or out.  Many varicose or spider veins in one area could be a sign of a more serous vein condition and should be checked on by your doctor.  A vein treatment doctor will be able to tell the difference between unsightly veins and veins that are actually affecting your physical health.  Clotting or other serious conditions usually come with pain, so if you are feeling fine but can see some veins under the surface, chances are you don’t have any real vein conidiition.