Should I try gluten free tortillas?

gluten free tortillaHey everybody, so I am curious if anyone has tried the gluten free diet. I heard that it is really difficult, but very rewarding. Can someone please explain it to me?

One of my best friends Patricia is allergic to gluten and it wasn’t until recently that more gluten free products became available to her. She’s had this allergy for as long as I’ve known her (so about ten years) and she’s always struggled with finding gluten free products at the grocery store.

So, while Pat has the gluten free diet because of her allergy, I’ve heard that more and more women are turning to this diet. Is it successful? I’m curious because I absolutely LOVE tortillas and I was wondering if there was a gluten free tortilla substitution out there. My family is Hispanic, so we constantly eat tortillas; hence my dilemma. We eat tortillas for lunch in different wraps. We eat tortillas at dinner for tacos, quesadillas, or enchiladas. We eat them all of the time!

Also, I would like to know the side effects of going on this diet if there are any. For example, do you find yourself craving various gluten products like bread and waffles more often? What happens if you suddenly start eating gluten products after avoiding them for a long time? Will you get sick? Is it okay to indulge in a doughnut every so often? Is it a diet where it is all or nothing? And most importantly, are there really gluten free tortillas?

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