Our Kitchen Cabinets Helped Us Sell Our Home

A few years ago, when my now husband and I were engaged and looking for a house, we did not have children at the time and we were looking for a newer, more modern home with a big spacious kitchen. We found our dream home and moved in a hurry. The place was amazing, with exposed brick, hardwood floors, and beautifully painted kitchen cabinets. What we had not taken into consideration when buying that particular home, and that particular kitchen, was the children we did not yet have but were planning on. When we had been married for a few years, and decided to start having kids, we looked around one day and realized we were in the wrong house to have children.

The house search began again, this time for a more kid friendly location and home. We meticulously researched the neighborhoods and school districts, and decided modern, sharp edges were out of the question. Exposed brick was not particularly kid friendly either. We settled first on a neighborhood, but then the search got more difficult from there. Homes were either perfect but too expensive, or they were inconveniently located to public transportation. We also saw some very strange layouts and designs, and homes with no yards, among other oddities. Ultimately, we settled on a place that was slightly smaller than we wanted but had enough bedrooms and was within our price range. We made an offer and it was accepted.

Next, we had to get our old house on the market and get it sold or we were going to be stuck paying two mortgages pretty soon. We took out ads online, everywhere we could think of, and used the same realtor we purchased our new house with to get a better deal. He made some fliers for prospective buyers to take with them when they left the house after viewing it, but I had to make him change them. He had not highlighted the spacious kitchen and its beautiful kitchen cabinets. Nearly a dozen people had come by to view the house by the time we were ready to move, but not a single one had made an offer. We began to get very discouraged.

But our luck turned, and on the day we moved out of the house, someone came by to see it empty and fell in love with it. They made an offer, and we accepted. The buyer told me they fell in love with the kitchen, which had the most beautiful kitchen cabinets in Denver they had seen so far, besides the fact that it was a beautiful home. I am very glad I made the realtor change the fliers because the buyer told me that when he took it with him, he could not stop looking at the kitchen, and that was ultimately what sold him on our house for sale. My husband and I were able to sell the house we loved because of its kitchen but we also purchased a new one that we knew we would love raising a new family in.

Denver kitchen cabinets

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