One mens hand salve is clearly distancing itself from its competition. now and then a company develops a product that takes an entire industry by storm. The most recognizable instance of this happening was when Apple launched the first iPhone roughly a decade ago. While the Black Berry had dominated the smartphone industry since the industry’s inception, the iPhone immediately became the most popular. It’s interface and capabilities made it the cream of the crop overnight, just one of the many reasons why Apple is now one of a handful companies that can claim the title of most profitable business in the world depending on the day.

In much the same way that Apple created a smartphone unlike anything else, The Hand Stuff has created a men’s hand salve that’s clearly quite a bit different than anything else on the market. Of course, given the discrepancies in the size of their respective industries, it seems unlikely that The Hand Stuff will generate as much profit as Apple; however, the point remains that their product is leaps and bounds ahead of others on the market.

The first thing that makes this mens hand salve such a great product are all of the quality ingredients that go into making it. Rather than using a laundry list of various chemicals that you’ve never heard of, The Hand Stuff uses natural ingredients such as coconut oil, Vitamin E and shea butter. The simplicity of their recipe and the potency of the individual ingredients combine to make a hand salve that works better than anything you’ll ever come across. The salve works so well that you only need to use an incredibly small amount to repair, heal, and protect the damaged skin that you’re using it on. In fact, a small container no larger than a few ounces has been known to last people months upon months. You simply slide your fingers across the salve, apply it to your trouble areas and enjoy the great looking skin that results.

One of the other things that makes their product so great is the excellent scent that it gives off. The Hand Stuff worked incredibly hard to create a mens hand lotion that had a smell that would not only appeal to women, but that men would love as well. They went through a huge number of scents before they finally settled on something that people of all genders would love. This means that men can apply it without worrying that they are going to smell like their wife or girlfriend when they leave home. Of course, men care less about that kind of thing today, but many still would prefer something with a more manly, or at least less feminine, scent.

If you’re the kind of person that puts your hands through a wide range of activities or you live in a dry climate, The Hand Stuff is the product for you. It will work tirelessly to protect your hands from all sorts of things, and will leave them looking and feeling soft every single time that you use it.