Make sure you have a strong understanding of the three regions of the state when you’re browsing Colorado ranches for sale. is one of those states that’s really quite different depending on where you are. Unlike a state like Kansas where the entire state is the same geography and makeup, Colorado has three distinct regions. These regions differ from another in terms of their climate, levels of precipitation, days of sunshine, and people. The culture out east is far different than the culture in Denver, and that culture is quite a bit different than what it’s like in Colorado Springs. The point here is that similar to looking at New Mexico ranches for sale, buying ranches in Colorado is as much about figuring out which region you want to buy in as it is looking at actual ranches. To better understand why this is so here are some descriptions of these three different regions.

1. The Western Slope. The most western region of Colorado is what’s known as the Western Slope. It’s best known for it’s deteriorating mountains, red sand, and incredible rock formations. This part of the state is home to Colorado’s peach orchards and vineyards, and it’s a well-known destination for connoisseurs of either. The climate on the Western Slope is similar to the climate in much of Utah, i.e. hot in the summers and relatively moderate in the winter.

2. The Rocky Mountains. This is the most well-known part of the state. The Rocky Mountains occupy the central third of Colorado, but they account for far more than a third of the state’s tourism. The beautiful Rockies are home to the state’s booming skiing industry and the best hiking you’ll find in the entire country. While the Colorado ranches for sale in the Rocky Mountains are always going to be the most expensive, one could argue that they should cost more money than they actually do. The Rockies truly are one of the most majestic regions of the country, and once you’ve been there it’s obvious why so many people choose to buy ranches there.

3. The Great Plains. The eastern most portion of the state of Colorado is certainly the one that is the least desirable. It’s not that the plains don’t have much to offer in the way of land, for that’s what they have an abundance of. The eastern region of Colorado is more like Kansas than it is the Rocky Mountains, which means that wheat farmers and ranchers are numerous. If you’re looking to buy a ranch to do this kind of work on then this part of the state is the best region for you, but if you’re looking for a vacation ranch you might want to consider the other two regions first.

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