Learn to handle bed bugs as part of your pest control strategy

bed bug control

Bed bug bites can happen anytime, anywhere but a few places have a bad reputation for spreading bed bug outbreaks. Places like summer camps, hostels, apartment buildings and college dorms get a bad reputation because there are usually numerous people in a smaller space, meaning it is easier for an infestation to travel. Think about it this way: in a college dorm, rooms are often inhabited by two roommates. If one roommate somehow has bed bugs, whether from themselves or perhaps even from the mattresses that get reused every year in many dorms, the bed bugs can easily find their way to the roommates bed. If that roommate goes to the room next door to visit a friend, perhaps a small bed bug or more are clinging to the roommates clothes, where they can then jump off onto the next person’s bed and so on. This is the same for places like camp, hostels, etc. It’s a scary thing to think about, but doesn’t mean you are a dirty person or bad housekeeper. In fact, bed bugs can even travel in luggage. Let’s say you went on a backpacking trip and stayed in numerous hostels. It’s possible for bed bugs to travel back with you and infest your bed back home.

Rather than worrying about all the ways bed bugs can infest areas, it’s a good idea to know a few ways to treat any irritation in case you ever do deal with any type of bed bug control.

First, know that it is common to see a rash or skin irritation after being bitten by a bed bug. This could look like a cluster of small red dots or even more spread out pink dots across your body. You may find your skin to be itchy and irritated. This is normal. Many people are actually allergic to bed bugs and the skin presents this allergy with a rash or irritation. Bed bugs do not carry disease, so you don’t need to worry about catching anything.

It will likely help you to first, strip your bed sheets and examine your bed. Look for small, dark brown bugs about the size of an apple seed. They could be in the mattress or the box spring. Put your sheets and blanket and pillowcases in the wash at the hottest setting. You may also want to take a shower yourself. This will help you feel clean and soothe some of the irritation.

Next, you should call bed bug exterminators. Professionals will be able to handle the situation and give you confidence that your bed and home are clean again.

Finally, you may want to purchase new sheets or bedding. Though it’s unlikely bedbugs survived a hot washing and drying, you may feel better and sleep more soundly knowing that you have rid yourself completely of the infestation. Sometimes the brain can over think and make you feel itchy, even when you aren’t. This can cause interrupted sleep and overall stress. If you commit to a comprehensive pest control strategy, you can ensure that you always feel safe, clean and comfortable in your home.