Invisalign Makes Interviewing Worry Free

Recent college graduates are facing a tougher job market than many others in the past. With so many qualified people looking for work, and fewer jobs available than before, it is vital that a person knows how to market themselves to future employers. A strong resume, cover letter, and interview skills are the biggest factors that can make or break a job offer. One recent student returned to his university’s career services office not long ago with yet another obstacle to overcome: he was told he needed braces. He was extremely nervous because it had been several months since graduation and he had been unable to find a job. But he had finally gotten several interviews lined up, and now he was afraid braces would ruin his chances and no employer would take him seriously. After visiting the ortodoncista, she recommended invisible braces. She let him know that employers were unlikely to even be able to tell he was wearing braces, and he would be able to interview confidently.

He received the news ecstatically. Being able to have Invisalign, the braces she recommended, meant he would still be able to take care of his teeth while not compromising potential job offers. He had spent a lot of time worrying that with braces, potential employers would look at him as a child and not as a professional who would be well suited for the job, even though he knew he was well suited for the job. He had also worried about his own confidence level. Could he really make himself marketable to an employer when he knew the only thing they would be looking at was a mouth full of metal? He thought it pretty unlikely.

Luckily, dental technology has evolved far from the days of metal mouths, and invisalign braces  were the route he decided on quickly. Within a week they were put on, and the orthodontist had been right all along, you could not even see them unless extremely close. He had worried for nothing. They were on in time for his several interviews, and he went to each one with new confidence knowing that he was doing the right thing for his teeth but that each of his potential employers would not be distracted by him having braces. He could tell that none of them knew the difference, and that each asked relevant questions about his experience and education. He received positive reviews from each of the prospective employers, and in fact, he wondered if he had maybe even done better at his interviews than he might have otherwise! He had a new level of confidence that allowed him to present his skills clearly and directly, and he made it clear in each interview why he would be an asset to their team. A couple of them called him back for second interviews, and he was able to perform well again under pressure. About a month after having invisible braces put on for the first time, this recent college graduate was offered his first job!


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