How To Setup Denver Wedding Rehearsals

Denver wedding venuesPlanning a Denver wedding is no piece of cake. In addition to the big day, it’s best that party throwers arrange rehearsal times to make every detail look coordinated. Even though the event is celebrating a union, this party still has a lot of expectations, and many guests anticipate a good show. Here are some tips for helping to coordinate rehearsals:

Contact the venue – this should be done ahead of time, and the representative should ensure that there are no conflicts of interest with other booking times. A double booking would be a huge time waster, especially given the fact that hosts are asking for friends’ and family’s time out of their own busy schedule.

Send rehearsal invitations – in addition to reserving the times at the Colorado wedding venue, it’s also important to send the invites by phone or email to the participants. Since participants are usually your closest loved ones, you can relay the times and dates in person, however a printed invite listing all rehearsals will serve as a reminder.

If someone does cancel, be sure to continue with practice, and fill them in on the next round. This is usually likely during many sessions.

Another tip is that the rehearsal can be done outside the venue, and even in your own space – though the layout may be different. Be sure to put together refreshments and snacks before, during and after the rehearsal, especially if this is done outdoors, during midday or evening time. This can be revved up the day before the wedding.

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