How To Register A Domain Name for the Long Term

domain namesDo you need to register your domain name for the long term? What are the benefits of doing so? Here are some of the top benefits:

Savings – on domain name registration and web hosting are usually given, when the site owner decides to register for an extended period of time.

No worries – about having an expired domain name on the market, in which a competitor can purchase and capitalize on your hard work over the years. There’s a thin window when domain names are soon to be expired. Some brokers will be on the lookout for these, especially ones that receive high levels of traffic, and wait the last minute to purchase if it slips the mind of the owner.

Domain Age – Google’s complicated ranking system will typically weigh how long a registered domain has been in existence with a set owner. As most online entrepreneurs already know, time is a hugely sensitive factor when it comes to site rankings.

What’s the longest timeframe companies can register domain names? The answer varies by the registrar, but this is typically a maximum period of five to ten years. Ensure that auto renew is in full force to never forget another round of registration when the time is up.

In order to register a domain name in the long term, be sure to select the drop down menu for how long before check out. Ensure also that all the terms of service are read in detail to prevent problems such as forwarding and using another web host in the future.

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