How To Recycle Larger Electronics

Many people may be aware of the services that allow you to recycle electronics online. This usually relates to smaller devices or even midsized ones like TVs, smartphones, cameras and others that could probably at most fit in your back seat. But what about the larger electronics or appliances that weigh tons more, and can’t exactly be wrapped in a box and sent in the mail? Examples include washers and dryers. If you live in certain states as well, it may be illegal to dump these with your regular trash.

The next best bet then would be to either:

Call a Junk Removal Company – companies will come out to you to pick up larger appliances. Depending on the company’s service model, customers can either get cash back, pay a fee for pickup, or opt to donate these to charity.

Advertise Free to Good Home – Many homeowners take advantage of the local classifieds, to connect with people who would make better use of what they don’t need any more. This creates a win-win situation for all involved, given that the collector may know how to repair and sell a broken appliance, and the homeowner will get free pickup without any hassles. No phone calls will even have to be placed.

Look for Local Recycle Shops – Each state website offers a list of resources for different types of services. One of these usually includes recycling bins around the area, for both small and large appliances.

Sell Electronics – as a last resort, you can also offer to sell your equipment as-is.

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