How A Criminal Lawyer In Denver Can Help Your Case

Denver LawyerDenver criminal lawyers can help defendants with a number of cases that can have life changing consequences. Anytime someone is talking about a crime, whether this be a misdemeanor or felony offense, the possibilities include jail or prison time, exorbitant fines and court fees, a criminal record which can leave you unemployed and more. Even when someone is found guilty and all the evidence is stacked against him or her, there is still hope. This could be in the form of:

  • Lower sentencing – say for instance someone is guilty of kidnapping or robbery. A criminal defense attorney can present the case in a way where the defendant gets the least amount of sentencing possible. Many penal codes outline the minimum and maximum sentencing for each offense, no matter which state the case is being tried.
  • Plea Bargains – a high-penalty offense can be bargained to a lower offense. A good example is if someone is arrested for driving under the influence, but is now being tried for a reckless driving offense. This will usually mean lower penalties. The same can be said about other crimes including murder and domestic violence for instance. Both the prosecution and defense teams will usually weigh if the defendant has had previous run-ins with the law and whether there were extenuating circumstances of the case.

The above article has discussed ways to lower sentencing if someone did in fact commit a crime. But what if innocence is being repeated by the defendant? In such cases, Denver lawyers can help to prove the case with evidence.

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