Get A New Pair for Back Pain

It would be old news to state that the type of shoes you wear can be directly correlated to your lower back pain. Many women especially, sacrifice health in the name of fashion. One of the biggest risk takers for lower back pain when it comes to choose is high high heels. This doesn’t mean however, that these pairs should be given up entirely.

Check pairs that fit with your shoe size. Wearing too tight of a shoes can lead to spinal injury according to research. Many women have to resort to minimally invasive spine surgery or open back surgery in their later years because of the pressure placed on the spine from varied activities. The rule of thumb however is that moderation is key – when it comes to all things in life.

If you wear tall and high pairs of shoes because you like the look or it lengthens your legs, be sure to switch this up. Don’t wear it every day. Instead, give yourself and your spine a break. Flats can be interchanged and worn for different occasions. In addition, high heels should be paired with gel insoles to counter the pressure of standing in high heels.

High heels aren’t the only culprits when it comes to back pain either. If you’re an avid exerciser, jogger, marathon runner or sports player, your tennis shoes may be affecting the way your back is aligned when playing or getting impacted against the ground. Fitness experts and physicians recommend investing in  a good pair of running shoes.

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