Family business needs some help

My brother and I took over my dad’s construction business about two years ago. And, to be honest, there are some days where I want to rip my hair out or my brother’s head off, but then there are those days where I know my dad would be proud that we kept his business.

interview trainingI went to college for business administration and human resources (it was a hybrid program). At any rate, while I handle the administrative duties, my brother works with the other employees at the work site—he is the head contractor. So, while John is running around getting permits and approving every step of construction, I work on keeping the paperwork to a minimum and working with clients. I also have the responsibility to hire future contractors, so I created a few employee assessment tests that each of our employees must take before officially being a team member. It is our little way of making sure that each of our employees will work well with our business strategy and philosophy.

What I like best about the employee assessment tests is that they tell me how an employee acts in different situations. I would say that in general all of our employees are laid-back, fun guys, so it has never been an issue. If only there was a magically computer system that would make all the other aspects of my life easier like waking my kids up and taking them to school, making dinner for my family, or telling my brother to shut up sometimes.

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