Dos and Do Nots of Web Design

web designHaving a website is vital when it comes to attracting new clients and building your brand. Most people these days find everything they need online, so taking the time to build a great website is important. Web design is tricky, however. You need to create a site that people want to visit and explore while still providing vital information on what your company offers. To do this, you need to hire experts or to do a lot of research as to what works and what does not. Below, we have some of the dos and do nots of website design.

  • Do: Keep the site simple. You do not want to overwhelm visitors. Make it easy to find all the information they might need about your services or products so that your clients will be content. A site that is too complicated to navigate will lose you potential customers.
  • Do Not: Add music or sounds of any kind. It annoys people to have a site blast music without warning. The same thing goes for sound effects of any kind. People many times check sites out on their phones while they are waiting in offices or doing other things and sudden loud music is frustrating.
  • Do: Use legible font. It can be very frustrating to go to a website and not be able to read the words on it because the font is either too small, it is too bright or too dark, or it is a type that is just difficult to read. Stick to well known fonts that are large and legible to avoid this issue.
  • Do Not: Use pop-ups. This is another big issue when it comes to web development. Advertisements that pop up as soon as someone lands on a page can cause you to lose visitors. Many anti-virus programs will block the site completely, which is detrimental.
  • Do: Choose the right colors. The goal of having a website is to get people to stay on it long enough to buy something or to order services. If the color scheme of the site is to bright or too dark, this will not happen. Choose a fun but comfortable color palette to ensure that your potential clients stay on the page.
  • Do Not: Write chunks of text. People are lazy when it comes to reading text on a site. To ensure that they get all of the information you want them to know about your services and products, write catchy titles to pages, keep paragraphs short and use lots of bullet points and lists.

These are just some of the dos and do nots of web design. It can be a great option to hire experts who know how to do this so that you do not run into any issues in the future. A company like Spawn Ideas can provide website design of all kinds so that you can get the exact look you want for your business’ web page. A great site can help you attract new clients and improve your revenue.