Different departments need different fire truck apparatuses and manufacturers

Fire truck and ambulance manufacturing is a specialty that not many people know about. It is a custom form of engineering and fabrication that requires a certain skill. The craft is important, though, because communities around the nation depend on these custom vehicles to help rescue workers save lives. Fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, and other emergency vehicles are custom made to the specifications of the department that will be using them. This happens for several reasons. The first reason is that each custom fire apparatusdepartment across the country serves a different type of community. The geography is different, the people are different, the town/city layout is different, and thus the needs of the emergency workers are different. For example, a fire department located in the middle of Eastern Montana may have much different needs than a region in Brooklyn, New York. A department in Montana will be fighting fires in dry climates, in rural areas, and possibly even on oil rigs. This calls for specialized equipment and a rig that can get out into an oil field with enough water quickly. A fire department in Brooklyn would need a truck that can get around the tight city streets, have enough supplies to get a great deal of people out of an apartment building, and a ladder to get them up there. So, as you can see, each truck should be built custom and created with the needs of the department and no one else.
Another reason that rescue vehicles are built custom is a simple one. It’s because it makes no sense to bust out a whole line of firetrucks that are exactly the same. There are plenty of departments buying trucks, but it’s not exactly a high selling item. Fire trucks and the like are meant to last years so departments are certainly not buying new ones each year. Those vehicles are expensive! It only makes sense to create one specific to the team because they are only spring for a new truck every so often.

Fire truck and ambulance apparatus manufacturers have the special skills to create these custom vehicles and do so with elegance. They meet with you, discuss your team’s needs and desires, and they create a brand new fire truck apparatus on the drawing board like a work of art. These machines are also built to last and be completely reliable. Fire departments cannot save lives if their truck engine isn’t running correctly. And those heroes should not be worrying about the reliability of their rescue vehicle while doing their jobs. For that reason, these vehicles come with amazing warranties and a lifetime part repair and replacement plan. All of the above is why the manufacturing of rescue vehicles like ambulances, police cruisers, and fire trucks is so rare and so specialized. A great deal is riding on them, literally and figuratively. The team that constructs these beasts are proud of their work and happy to have a consultation with your department to learn about what exactly you need!