Custom Window Coverings: Blinds vs. Shades

custom window blindsWhen it comes to choosing custom window coverings for your home, many people have a tough time deciding whether to go with blinds or shades. Some people think they are the same thing, while others do not really know the differences between the two. If you are in search of the right window coverings for your home and you are not sure whether blinds or shades are best for your needs, we have gathered some of the most important information about these two options so that you can choose with ease.


Blinds are hard window coverings that have either horizontal or vertical slats. They can be made of all manner of materials, including vinyl, plastic, wood, metal, and many more options. They can be pulled down or pulled across a window, making them very efficient at covering as much or as little of the window as you prefer. They are also a good option if you like to modulate the amount of sunlight you get during the day. You can open or close the slats as much as you like, which gives you the kind of freedom that other custom window coverings do not offer. Blinds provide a traditional and classic look  but can also be updated by choosing materials that are more modern. They are easy to clean, with most of them just requiring a swipe from a wet cloth or a dust rag.


Shades are another option you can choose from when deciding on the right window coverings for your home. Shades are usually made of fabric or other soft materials. This allows for a good amount of customization. Just think of the variety of fabric types that can be used to make roman shades! Because they are made of softer materials, shades tend to be a bit more fragile than blinds. They are also not as easy to clean, since they need special products depending on the materials they are made of. They do tend to be less expensive, however, which is a benefit if you have a lot of windows in your home that need coverings. They offer a smooth look to your windows, and they allow a diffuse amount of sunlight in. To make them better at not allowing sun in at all, you need to choose thick materials that do not allow the light in. Many shades are also motorized, so you can easily open them and close them from a distance.

Depending on your style and the look you want for your home, blinds may be better than shades. You want to consider the kind of sunlight that strikes your home. If it is very strong, then blinds are usually a better option. If you prefer fabric options, however, shades are what you should consider. Price is also something to keep in mind, with blinds usually being a bit more expensive than shades. When it comes to custom window blinds, you can expect to get quality options that will keep your rooms comfortable at all times.