Colorado is an Interesting State with Interesting Laws.

Colorado DUI attorneyColorado is an interesting state with interesting laws.  Many people perceive Colorado as a  state with lax law-enforcement policies.  This is actually untrue.  Colorado has very strict DUI laws.  Many people find themselves needing a good Colorado DUI attorney after a night of poor judgement.  It is not due to the fact that enforcement of driving under the influence laws is higher in Colorado.  The real reason is the fact that Colorado has a relatively low legal limit for blood alcohol content allowed while driving.  In many states, the .08 percent limit is still the standard.  Until recent years, this was the legal limit in almost all states.  Recently, more and more states have adopted stricter limits.  This is the result of studies done that show that many accidents occur when drivers are still below the legal limit of .08 percent.  In many European nations, as well, the limit is much stricter than .08 percent.  Until the early twentieth century, there were no drunk driving laws at all in the United States.  As a matter of fact, there were not really any drunk driving laws anywhere.  Automobiles were a new technology, so for the first few decades of their existence, no drunk driving laws were passed.  Even when they were passed, they were rarely enforced.  It was not until the late seventies and early eighties that driving under the influence became considered a serious offense.  Like smoking in the nineties, drunk driving was exposed for being hazardous.  Nonetheless, people continue to drink and drive.  People in Colorado are no exception.  More people than ever need a Denver DUI lawyer.

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