ATVs are great investments for a number of reasons.

ATVs, or all-terrain vehicles, come in many shapes, sizes, and names.  They’re often referred to as three-wheelers, quad bikes, and four-wheelers, and they generally are the size of a very small car.  Most ATVs are open on the top, similar to a convertible in the sense that the wind and the elements are directly in contact with the driver.  ATVs are used primarily to off-road in areas where either cars have a difficult time going or where the driver of the ATV can enjoy a thrill-seeking ride.  They’re used in the mountains on a variety of trails, out in the wilderness when individuals are hunting or camping, and in areas to cross mountain streams.  They are primarily driven by adults, although some children can ride smaller ATVs as long as the law permits.  In most states, ATVs are not allowed on roads with other, larger cars for fear of the ATV driver’s safety.

http://www.sunent.comNow that you know a little bit more about ATVs, it’s also a good time for you to learn about why they are such a great investment.  There are several of these reasons, but first and foremost is how much fun they are to ride.  The cost of an ATV will vary, from a couple thousand dollars to several thousand.  However, due to the amount of fun that people can have on them and how long they last, the investment is really minuscule compared to other leisure activities.  Considering that many people will spend literally thousands of hours on the back of their ATV, the few thousand dollars that they spend up front will look like nothing in terms of the amount of fun they’re able to have.  This is the first reason why ATVs are an excellent investment.

The second reason why they are such a great investment is that if they are cared for properly they can last much longer than your average car.  Clearly you’re not going to drive your ATV nearly as many miles as your car, but if you care for it properly and have maintenance checks performed on a regular basis, your ATV could very easily last you twenty years or more.  Due to their small size and the fewer moving parts within them, they are much less likely to break down.  Also, they are built for incredibly rough terrain and conditions, so simple wear and tear won’t be enough to break them down.

The final reason why ATVs, and even dirt bikes, are an excellent investment is that they retain their value well.  Even if you have owned your ATV for many years, you’ll get a great price on it when you go to sell it to someone else.  Thus, if you’re the kind of person who likes to upgrade whenever the newest edition of your ATV comes out, you can easily make up a large amount of the money by reselling your heavily used ATV.

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