Breathalyzer: Protect Yourself.

breathalyzerThere’s no way to fool a breathalyzer, from what I’ve heard.  Breathalyzers have been used by law enforcement for decades because of their ability to accurately read the blood alcohol content of someone based on their breath.  Blood alcohol content is the primary determinant of drunkenness.  Drinking and driving is not something I would recommend you attempt, as injury or death are practically guaranteed.

Drunk drivers are some of the most irresponsible members of our society, and there are many reasons that make that explicitly clear.  It is widely known that over half of all traffic collisions involve drunk drivers at some level, and a vast majority of fatalities are caused by drinking and driving.

What measure of personal responsibility is required to avoid drunk driving? There are many social organizations and individuals who raise money and speak out against drunk driving, and its dangers are critically apparent to most people, but we still continue to do it. Is the risk necessary to ensure people feel alive?  I do not understand what it could possibly be that fuels the desire for people to engage in drunk driving.

I know so many people who have been affected by drunk driving, or other drunk drivers.  Whether they were in accidents or got DUIs, they suffered.  Of course, some of them suffered because of their own irresponsibility, and others are dealing with the consequences of other’s actions.  The penalty for drunk driving is not harsh enough, and police are not morally fit enough to be trusted to always conduct every sobriety test by the book.  The problem of police quotas combined with the somewhat simple penalty for the offense makes it easier for people to rationalize the decision.


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