International Student Recruitment

International education is among the fastest and largest growing economic sectors in the entire world. Increased primary and secondary access to education, as well as growing employment and wealth opportunities means that the population of the world student is more mobile that it has been in the past, and overseas study right now ranks one of the most important markers for the success of graduate. The number of outward-bound china’s students from has really risen to more than 700,000 every year, and India is right now sending about 200,000 students abroad on a yearly basis. With these kind of number, it’s no wonder that university admissions office now have international student recruitment as a focal point. International students really represent a dynamic and valuable potential for universities, however students recruitment from abroad comes with its own kind of challenges. As the need for international education increases, so do the university admissions offices needs, and FPP EDU Media has the tools to launch your plan for international student recruitment.
Atstudent recruitment FPP EDU Media, we understand how complex international student recruitment is, and with so many years of experience our team are prepared to take care of your recruitment needs. We give a recruitment plan customized for your personal institution and our system creates the highest conversion rates for competent enquires at a very exceptional value. We handle international student recruitment’s challenges and also address common admissions problems with a multifaceted approach to your communication and marketing. Our tailor-made system of recruitment is easy to use and also optimized to your goals of enrollment.

FPP EDU Media has provided a international recruitment as well as admissions comprehensive approach that eliminates the hassles related to international student communication. FPP EDU Media’s multilingual strategy implies that your school will be able to have maximum exposure in the relevant markets for student. You can save money and time with our integrated systems that assist you target and even engage with the most qualified students only, making the workday for the admissions easier and more efficient. You have to stop wasting time with any unqualified enquiry and let FPP EDU Media do the work on your behalf. We custom-design your tools for recruitment so that the admissions personnel will instantly identify potential student markets, streamline the process of enquiry and decrease the manual workload. Importantly also, FPP EDU Media’s focus on personalized recruitment plans implies that you will be able to focus on what matters: making the dreams of students’ college become a reality.

We are the premier source for any international student who’s looking to study abroad and need to be part of your international recruitment plan.

Online, FPP EDU Media can present your recruitment message all over the world. Using our unique network of international student we can target specific countries and locations, reaching your international prospects via a customized and comprehensive display campaign.

FPP EDU Media gives the highest-quality services for in-person and online international student recruitment. Don’t miss our next recruitment fairs and expos.

Your efforts for international student recruitment can include online, traditional, and ideal lead generation opportunities. Call us to get started!

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Wood Paneling

Are you looking for the best decor ideas for your home? If so, you have just landed on the insightful page that is packed with awe-inspiring tips that are aimed at making your house glitter. For your information, wood paneling is just what you should try out. Of course, it is one of the very modern design that have been embraced by many due to its prestigious, luxurious, impressive, attractive nature to spruce your home.

wood paneling

What then is wood paneling?

Perhaps you have never tried this before and wondering what is all about wood paneling. Here, it refers to adding the glitter of the house through artwork that involves interlocking wood materials to form the largest part of the wall or the floor of the house among other parts. The art is meant to add on the beauty and the appearance of the indoor of the building or just for decorative purpose.

Wood paneling has been an ancient practice that was practiced earlier in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Though it is an old-school practice, it has come to be the modern idea that has been embraced highly as the best decorative idea of the time.

Types of wood paneling

As a matter of fact, there are different types of wood paneling that has been in practice. Though the general purpose is to beautify the house, it is done indoors either on the floor, the ceiling or on the floor using different wood materials. Therefore, the different paneling types include the hardwood paneling, the knotty pine paneling, the vinyl wood paneling, real wood paneling, bead-board paneling, ceiling paneling, and bamboo paneling among others. In this case, the type of paneling has been based on the type of wood that is used to spruce the house.

Importance of wood paneling

  • Artistic impression. Wood is just the best when used to panel the house. It gives a house a natural look duly attractive and impressive to the eye. In other words, it turns a house into a home. When you just gaze at the walls, ceilings, cabinets, decks, and gazebos, you just feel the warmth of being in a home.
  • Good insulation. As a matter of fact, wood is the best natural insulator. Even as most of the homes strive to achieve the net zero goal in terms of energy efficiency, great attention has been paid when designing the building systems and decorations because wood offers the best insulation.
  • Better return on investment (ROI). Of course, wood paneling enhances the appearance of the building and thus making it attract high costs. In this case, if you want to enhance or just increase the cost of your house before selling it, then this is the best practice. Why? This is because; wood is affordable and thus adds more value to your house which then you can sell at higher value.

In summary, wood paneling is the best for every house. When done the right way and by the right experts, it will surely turn your house into a home that will always give you awesome feeling to stay and to live in.