The right window blinds can change the feeling in a room.

You may not think about what window coverings you have installed in your house very often, but for any people that is a constant thought. More than many other things that you furnish your home with, the window coverings help to dictate how people view your home and the feeling you get in each room. For example, take a living room that has the plastic concave window blinds that many people stereotypically associate with a unkempt apartment. These are the feelings that people will automatically get and judge as a result. The apartment becomes a darker, less furnished place. Now, think about that same space but instead of those crappy window blinds, you all of the sudden get some white wood window blinds in their place. The room is transformed. It makes such a huge difference and it will help you find a direction for your styling.window blinds

The question that you must be asking yourself is how do you get to that point where you can start the process of moving away from the windows and start focusing on everything else. The answer to that is pretty simple. It comes down to being able to get those right blinds and if those aren’t the right ones, having some custom blinds built for your home. The custom blinds will help you establish that identity in your home and ensure that your rooms will look unique and beautiful.

The first thing that you should do is to think about the types of rooms you would like to incorporate into your home. There are many different kinds and it all comes down to being able to channel your own unique sense of style into your home.

For this reason, one of the best kinds of custom blinds that you can get are the simple white faux wood blinds. These are very simple and allow for you to interpret them as you would like. You can go from a simple modern type of furnishing to something that is incredibly different. With that in mind, the first thing that you should do is just to think about what kind of rooms you would like to have. Then you can go to a place like Fabrics & More in Texas. You can check out all of their selections and really see what might be the best way for you to incorporate different styles into your home. It really is a useful thing to be able to see everything that is offered in a place like that. Once you have some ideas you can either find someone outside of the store who has an expertise or your can just go for it and start the redesign. It is a big step to go for it just by yourself, but also one that will help you determine what you like in the future. It is that trial and error that works well and can help you figure out the best ways for you to present your home in the future. Give it a try and see how you might be able to transform the place where you live.

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Magnet tape is useful in spring cleaning.

When you think about spring cleaning, you mind may go to your garage and the need to do a bit of clean up there. People’s garages tend to be a big distraction from their everyday lives because of all of the various bits and parts that tend to inhabit the same space. You may be able to park your car in the garage and get out of the door, but being able to locate that Phillips head screw driver may be a different scenario all together. As a result, one of the best things that you can do is to figure out just where you would like to put all of your materials. One of the best solutions to this is usually figuring out that you can install a simple adhesive magnet system, so that you can label and place all of your tools where they should go.magnetic strips

This simplicity of it is that you can always be flexible where you end up putting your goods. This is made possible because of the fact that you can overlay a magnet on top of the strip and then move it as you please. As a result, the first thing that you would need to do in laying out some magnet tape is to put a large piece of wood out, so that you can hang your tools. This looks like a large piece of flat wood that has holes punched in it. There are then attachments that will allow for you to hook into the holes to hang your tools. It is something that is very common and you probably know that is being referred to without the need for a picture. Well done. Once you have that larger piece of wood hanging from the wall, you can put down some adhesive magnets. The tape is of great use if you have nail or something like that you would like to lay down on top of the tape. You can also add some of the Magnetic Labels that will allow for you to make the whole exercise really easy. In doing so, you will be able to have an organized and good looking garage and be the envy of all of your friends.

If this is something that you find appealing, the first thing that you should do is to develop a plan for cleaning out the garage. The first thing that you can do would be to clear out all of the junk – the things that you no longer need. Once all of that stuff is out of the garage. Make sure that you have enough room to put up the large piece of wood and anchor that to some of the studs in the wall. Once that is accomplished, you can start to label all of the areas on the wood in which you would like to keep a specific kind of tool or nails, etc. It will help tremendously having all of these tools available and it’s a great idea to keep them out of reach of children.

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Your dental office has lots of information for your family.

There are many ways that parents choose to help their kids succeed later in life and perhaps the one that goes the most unnoticed is taking them to the dental office regularly. The need for kids to go to the dentist in the United States is very high. There are simply not enough low cost dentists out there to ensure that all families can have the opportunity to take their children to a high quality office.  This means that a number of nonprofits fill the gaps.

dental officeIt is appropriate to look at how nonprofits in the United States really came to be.  There are a number of businesses in the states that are able to offer themselves to helping the impoverished, but nonprofits are often the organizations that are able to do the most connecting.  Nevertheless, to go back to the beginning it is important to look at the United States tax code.  In many of the more social countries, you will find that the government is able to provide many of the services that families rely on.  Everything from childcare to being able to go to the doctor, the government is there to step in.  Here in the United States that is not the case.

There are private ways to get the coverage that you need to live a healthy life and some others, as well, but the government is not there to get you the services that you need.  This is different if you are among the most impoverished in the country when the government will cover some of the most basic programs for you and your family.  Nevertheless, there is really no good way that the government is able to provide for you and your family.

As a result, there is a real need for nonprofit programs to help families achieve many of the basic living standards that most people in the country just take for granted.  These nonprofits are there to help people achieve access to the health care and the basic human rights that many of us are able to enjoy on a daily basis.  Moreover, they are able able to do this at a limited cost to the families that participate in the programs.  With that in mind, one of the necessary things that the families are going to have to do is invest in the future of their children by taking advantage of the programs that are available.

There are generally many of the programs out there and it helps immensely to be able to call on the ability of nonprofits to have pediatric dentists available for children. So the next time you are thinking about how you can help your community, consider an investment in a dental office that works with children and families that would others not be able to afford the dental care that you and the author happen to treasure and appreciate.  It will go a long way in the lives of the youth and will show to be a sage investment.

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Regenerative stem cells

Stem cells are found in the adult tissue of humans, and can be used to regenerate and give new life to parts of the body that need healing. They are easily accessible in three different areas of the body:

1. Blood. Stem cells can be extracted from the blood when the blood is taken from the body.

2. Adipose. Adipose, or fat tissues, carry stem cells that can be extracted from the body through liposuction, and then removed from the actual adipose cell tissue.

3. Bone Marrow. The bone marrow is located inside the bones of the body, and so must be extracted through the bone. This is done with a long needle, and often in the hip joint region. A hole is drilled into the bone, the needle is inserted, and the bone marrow is extracted. The stem cells must then be extracted from the marrow.

Once the stem cells are extracted, they can be reinserted into the body into the new areas that need the boost from the stem cells. When they are applied, they are able to quickly regenerate, vastly increasing their numbers. The stem cells then go to work on the damaged tissue, helping the bone to regrow and heal, and doing the same for tissue, muscle and other blood related needs.

Regenerative stem cells are necessary parts of many important and life saving surgeries, such as blood transfusions and bone grafts. stem cellThe stem cells in bone marrow are what help the bone marrow transplants in cancer patients be successful and require less ongoing watch and care than other types of surgeries. Stem cells are also a necessary part of any organ transplant, and are helpful in regrowing parts of an organ that are missing or needed to be removed. When a transplant is necessary, it is the stem cells that are going to be replicating themselves and aiding in the regrowth and attachment of the new organ. Without the power of the stem cell, transplanted organs would not be able to function in their new environment. A stem cell is one that can regenerate tissue, and so it is necessary in any tissue or bone procedure. Because these cells are able to regenerate other cells in the body, they are crucial for any type of healing, and also for our modern healing technologies, such as chemotherapy for cancer and healing cirrhosis. As medicine and research advances, it may be possible to find and extract stem cells from even more places in the body, and not be limited to just the bone marrow, blood and adipose tissues. If they exist in those places, it is likely that they also exist in other places that may end up being easier to discover and extract. But as the field is today, stem cells are not hard to extract and the industry has gotten to the point where the ones that we know of are sufficient for regrowing damaged tissue and other bone and muscle. This alone has saved countless lives.

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Many of the ranches for sale in Oregon are for cattle.

My girlfriend and her brother recently had the opportunity to drive up to the state from Colorado and by both accounts it was a very interesting drive.  It wasn’t the fact that it was a long drive and I am sure that driving through Nevada is like Purgatory, where the only reason why it isn’t hell is because you are sure that hell would have more to look at.  Nevertheless, one of the very interesting things that they brought up occurred when they crossed the board from Nevada into Oregon.  I guess there is a big movement in the state of Oregon to put up a number of the older ranches that have not be in use for a while.  I guess that the motivation for that is coming from the bureau of land management and all of the issues around making sure that there is enough land and water rights to go around to support the state’s economy.

ranches for saleI had no idea that Oregon was that dependent on ranching for their state’s income, but I would not be blown away from the idea either.  I feel like Oregon is very similar to Colorado in many ways and the states clearly both have a long history of ranching and farming.  When I think about the major cities in Oregon and Colorado, they each have a comparable city in the other respective state.  Let’s take a look.  It seems like Portland and Denver are very comparable and you even have a mass movement between the two cities.  You also have Eugene and Boulder and Corvallis and Fort Collins.  They all have the same types of things going on, so I was not surprised to find out that Oregon also has a long history of farming.  The other thing to keep in mind is that many of the people in both states are looking to move to the cities instead of keeping going in the plains.  For example, in Colorado many of the long standing family ranches have been on sale for a very long time. That has not really made sure that they will continue moving along, but nevertheless, it still shows the direction that many people in the population are heading.

The other thing to keep in mind is that many of the ranches are probably under stress from water issues.  I am not sure how the two states compare when it comes to water, but the eastern part of Oregon is probably very similar to the state of Colorado as a whole. This makes a ton of sense to me and may be why ranches in both states are for sale. Hopefully this does not mean that many of the ranches will come under control of a large food producer.  I would much rather that the ranches stay in the hands of families than large producers.  A big fear of mine would be a group of people owning vast swaths of land throughout the United States’s entire sovereign territory.

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My apartment has some great windows.

This past year, I had the opportunity to go out and look for my own place to buy.  It was a great experience and one that I am looking forward to doing again.  My favorite thing about looking to buy a place was the opportunity to negotiate.  In Denver’s real estate market, I do not think that many people have the opportunity to go out and negotiate their price.  However, I was so well backed by the bank that I was able to get about $9,000 off of my apartment and that made me very excited.  Nevertheless, I did not go out and try to buy this specific place just because I thought that I could get some money off.  The reason why I went for this specific place is the litany of windows in the unit.

windowsWhen I think about my ideal place to live, it is bright.  Bright light as it shines through in the morning is one of the most important things to me.  That is why I was so excited to find my current place.  My current place features many windows that allow for the place to light up.  It looks beautiful during the day time and with all of the leaves on the trees right now, it looks like a great place to hang out and spend some time.  Nevertheless, with all of the windows in the place, I have to make sure that I am taking care of them.  For the most part, windows are very easy to care for.  I have to make sure that I clean them and keep them from falling out of the sliders, but other than that I don’t really have to do much.  That is so long as I am not doing something stupid or there is something tossed through the window from the outside.  Still, I feel like I would not have to do too much if that were to happen.  The great thing is that I am covered by the HOA if something is thrown through my window.  Instead of those cost for a replacement window to be coming out of my pocket, the HOA is the one that would have to pay. This bodes well for me because I am not sure that I would be able to pay that amount of money for some replacement windows.

The HOA would also have to pay for the window installation. That means that instead of having to worry about how I would be able to pay for something like that, my HOA would take care of everything.  I guess when you look at it that is another reason why I am excited to be living where I am.  It means that I am pretty well taken care of.  Having the HOA fee is kind of a pain because I will never be able to recoup those costs, but at the same time, it’s nice to be them as a backer in these situations.

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Loving our new dental office

Last year we had to move our dental office from the original location that we started the practice in. The move was a little bit bitter sweet because the original location was the first dental office that any of us had been in, and growing it into what it has become was very labor intensive, time consuming, and a work of love for all of us. We loved the neighborhood and the location that we chose, and it was the perfect commute for the time that we were there. The the area had changed and it was no longer the most effective and reasonable place for us to be located. The freeway and the access roads were different than when we moved in, and the clientele was no longer living in that area. We also were growing out of the space that we had, as our customer and client base has really expanded over the years that we have been here. So it really was time to start looking around for a new space that we could call home and move into for the long term. We were looking at new buildings in the down town area for the last year or so, but didn’t find anything that was quite perfect for us. Then they decided to do the hospital expansion in the uptown neighborhood, which is where many of our clients now live. That area is perfect for us, and so it made sense to try to get one of those newly created dental spaces in the new buildings that are going up around the hospital. The expansion was the hospital but also the medical offices that are around the office

So, our new dental office is now fully transitioned and operational in the new medical offices that are directly across the street from the new wing of the hospital. It took us several months to get used to the new commute and the new things that we had to work with in the space. There is an under ground parking garage, that is much different for our clients than parking on the street. So we have to be better about giving them directions to find us in the building. But our views are incredible, much better than before, and the commuting and eating options are better in this neighborhood as well. We are more than happy with the move and the size of the space. We have a much larger waiting room than we had in the last space, and so that will help us grow an expand as quickly as possible. We are looking to get another dentist in here as well as a new list of clients, because the space in our dental office now can handle it. We had stifled growth before because there was just not enough room for us to house and take care of the new clients and the new dentists that it would require. As it stands now, we are in a really great position in this new office space to work towards that.

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Focusing on crisis management

When I first got to school, I knew that I wanted to go into some type of public relations, maybe marketing or advertising. I really wanted to work in the corporate world on helping to ensure companies are viewed favorably, or maybe even helping to sell product. After my first marketing class, I figured that would be the direction that I would take for my career. But after my first summer internship in a public relations firm, I had experience working with a crisis management team that had to deal with a negative situation that came up among the executives, and I decided that was the best experience I could get my for my future career. Crisis management is actually the best of both worlds, because you really are helping to manage the public experience about that company, and so you are in public relations. And you are also using your skills to market a story, or a solution to the problem that is facing the company and their share holders. And so crisis management is the use of both of the areas that I already had an interest in. I also loved that there was a ton of work to do, and it was very fast paced and intense. There was no reason to slow down, because it was very important to get the word out about the crisis that the company wanted the public to know, and not to rely on what was being printed in the paper or other media and news outlets. There is always work to do when responding to a crisis, especially when it is a media crisis. Crisis management is a division that is within the public relations unit in a large company, and they are the people who are great at public relations in a quick response time frame, and who know how to win when they are on the defensive. The public relations unit as a whole is best at being on the offensive, because that is how you get away from needing to always use the crisis management team. But when it does happen, the team is there to work from the defensive, from the other side of the coin, and to really make an impact and a difference in the story that is being told about the company. The media outlets like to create a crisis for a company, because it brings up interest and it helps to get people to listen and pay attention. But companies like to either be portrayed in a positive light, or not to be talked about at all. So the crisis management team is going to help get them out of the spot light if it is negative. That is why it is so interesting to work in this field, because you are always battling the media and trying to come out with your company on top and the positive stories in the news. This is a part of the process of public relations.

crisis management

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Business offices in buildings from General Steel

I have recently noticed so many businesses moving into these new buildings that contractors are putting up from General Steel.  I think that pre fabricated steel buildings are a much bigger thing now than they used to be, and it is much more common to open a business in one, rather than have a contractor build a traditional wood framed building.  I’m not sure why I have started to notice it, but I do know that now that I see it, I can tell you that it is a new development.  It used to be that contractors would work for a few months on a job site to build a new building from the ground up. They would frame it out and put up the interior walls and all the other things that go into a building. But now, it has become so much faster to just order the steel building, and then take the time to build out the inside. And because the outside comes together so fast, it doesn’t take much time to build out the inside and the building is done much quicker than it would be otherwise.  General Steel is the company that provides the steel buildings that these contractors are ordering and then putting up, and they have a wide range and variety of floor plans and sizes to choose from.  So whatever the business, there is something that will fit and work perfectly for it.  I went to the doctors office the other day, and just as I was leaving I realized that it is a steel building. They put up some brick around the entrance, and the inside is fully framed out with sheet rock walls, and so I didn’t even notice that it is a metal building. And the kids go see a dentist that is in a new steel building that was put up really recently, and I believe that one also came from General Steel. Its just such a good idea to spend less time and effort putting up a steel building, and then working to finish out the inside. That means that tenants can move in quicker, and they can start their business faster, making more money than if they needed to wait for a wooden building to be built. It actually makes a lot more sense to me, especially after I walked out of the doctors office and I hadn’t even noticed that it was a metal building when I was going into it. And since it doesn’t seem any different, it doesn’t have any noise or other issues inside of it, why not put up a building ordered from General Steel that costs less and takes less time to put up. I mean, it makes the most sense to me. I’m even thinking about ordering one for our backyard, as the new garage that is bigger and holds more of our stuff. We could even have a space for a storage unit and a basketball net inside of it.

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Find a Web Development Consultant

Digital media and its attendant programs offer lots of potential for new and creative ways of conducting business. The role of the Internet is already reshaping the ways that businesses are going about their affairs. Anymore, having a website is not optional. Any given business must have some form of web presence. Not only do any successful businesses have websites, many businesses are taking advantage of social media in order to reach specific demographics with specific messages. There is a greater flexibility to craft your message in the way that you want to. And there is greater possibility to reach the people you want to. But all of this can be rather complicated. As great of potential as there may be, it is all relatively new. And unless your business is online marketing, you probably spend your time refining your expertise, which does not involve marketing or digital programming. So how are you going to navigate these news, uncharted waters? You are not. You should hire a company that knows what they are doing and can give your consultation. Because digital media and online marketing has such huge potential for changing the way that business is done, online marketing companies invest their efforts in harnessing that potential. That means that online marketing has become a fine science. Ultimately, this is better for you. It is better to invest the capital to hire someone else to do this. It would take you far more time to figure it out yourself, and the idea that any old person can try their hand at it undervalues the art of marketing. Web design combines computer programming and graphic design. In the aesthetics of marketing, there is more going on below the surface than what simply looks good. The principles of design are being applied in new and exciting ways because they are becoming digitized. This means that people can manipulate images in unconventional ways. We who are not actively involved in this trade might be tempted to undersell the difficulty of this. And we would be mistaken to do so. Hiring a web development consultant or a company that will be tasked with the design job is a great way to invest your budget. Not only are you investing in the design side of things, but you are also placing a bet that effectively says that you believe digital media is the mode of future. Personally, I think that this is a safe bet. I cannot imagine a realistic future in which having a web presence for your business would be a bad thing. Now, the industry will change without doubt. The rate of change that has taken place so far within the realm of digital media is somewhat startling. But this does not necessarily amount to instability in my eyes. I think that it is still a safe bet to invest your companies budget into developing a social media strategy. It is not going anywhere. It might change, but it will not disappear. Even if in a different form, you are going to be happy you have a web presence.

social media strategy

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My husband has a new smile with invisalign

It actually took me a really long time to get used to the fact that my husband doesn’t have the same crooked toothed smile that he has always had before. About two years ago he decided that he would move forward with getting some dental work done, and a piece of that was getting his teeth straightened and whitened.  This could be done together if he chose to do the straightening with the invisalign braces instead of the traditional braces methods. So of course, two birds with one stone, he decided to go that way and get them both done at the same time. He needed to get some surgery taken care of before he could move forward with the invisalign, so after that was completed we really began to see the transformation.  I wasn’t really prepared for how differently he would look after it was all done, because I’ve always been so used to him looking a certain way when he smiles at me. But now that is gone, and its replaced with this smooth, straight, and white toothed smile.  I can’t believe that the invisalign was able to work so well and so quickly. While straightening the teeth, there was also a whitening agent that you put into the invisalign product that goes on your teeth. While that product is straightening your teeth, they are being coated in a whitening mixture that works at the same time. There are now several other things that we want to work on together, since he has been excited by the white and straight teeth, we are thinking of moving on to getting more exercise, getting back into better shape, and eating a more healthy diet.  These are all going to work together with the new smile to make us look better and healthier. I always liked the crooked grin that he had, but he never really did. He always quietly wanted his smile to be more normal or more perfect looking. While I was finding it endearing, he just wanted to be the same as everyone else. While most people have had braces as children, he missed out on that and so felt a little on the outside this whole time. But with the invisalign, he didn’t have to go through the metal braces phase that everyone else does when they are in school.  So it was the perfect solution, to be able to fix the teeth and make them white again, while doing it in a somewhat secret way. People don’t see it as obviously as they do the traditional braces that so many people have to get. Now that this product is out on the market though, I’m guessing that there won’t be very many people who get traditional style braces any longer, because these are so invisible and don’t have to be obvious any longer. And, the bonus of course is that you can whiten at the same time as you straighten, which can’t be done with the metal style braces either.


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Bucket List – Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

My whole adult life I have wanted to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I’m not really a mountain climber, though living in Denver I have climbed my share of fourteeners, as we call them here.  But nothing anywhere near the type of mountain Kilimanjaro is.  So it has always been on my bucket list, and I have always dreamed about doing it and thought about doing it, I just never really worked toward planning it and making it all a reality. But life has a way of showing you that important things should not be continually put off, and this year my goal is to make as many of my bucket list items a reality as possible.  When you lose people close to you, who had so many years of life left in them, it makes you wonder what you really want to do while you are still allowed time to do it.  I lost some very important people over the last two years, and I’ve been thinking more and more about what is the most important thing to me, and the experiences that I know I want to have in my life.  I’ve been reviewing my bucket list, and climbing Kilimanjaro is still up there near the top, and it is still not done. I think for sure the next thing that I put my focus and my time and effort into is going to be making this dream into a reality. I will need to formulate a plan, because this is definitely one of the biggest and most expensive things that I have tried to plan in my life. It will require flying to Africa and making my way to the mountain, but it will also require a lot of leg work on my part, a lot of training and walking up mountains here in Colorado.  My best friend has always been my partner when it comes to mountain climbing, and I’ve convinced him to come with me to climb Kilimanjaro. So we are taking the challenge seriously together, and are going to be working out nearly every day to get ourselves in shape for what is to come. I’m not too worried about the actual climb, because we will be hiring professional mountain climbers from a local company there to lead the trip and keep us on track. But they aren’t involved in all the preparation work that we will be doing here, so we need to be sure that we really keep that in mind and do our best to get in mountain climbing shape.  The best part about the whole trip will be working with a local climbing company, outfitters who know the mountain and will be able to successfully lead us to the top. It is the drudgery that will happen before hand that is the most difficult. But I keep remembering that life is short, and that I want to do these things that I have always planned, I want to get them done so I can have those experiences instead of just wishing for them.

climb kilimanjaro

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Pipe bending fabrication is a slow process.

I do not have a ton of familiarity with the process of making pipes for all of the various industries that require them.  Nevertheless, I have had the opportunity to learn a little bit about the different ways pipes are created.  Pipes are something that is necessary for our society to function.  When you think about how we go about our daily lives, pipes are involved in nearly every single step.  From turning on the shower to flipping a light switch, all of the processes leading up to the moment that the water starts to come down out of the shower head to the light actually turning on involve pipes.  Now, pipes can be made in a variety of different ways and for the most part, these various manufacturing processes are done by industrial construction companies that do the majority of the fabrication for the companies that then take their products and do the construction or the development utilizing those tools.  In a previous article, I wrote about how this often mirrors the building of a cake.  Cake is something that does not just come about without the presence of a lot of other products.  In order to make a cake, you need flour, sugar, eggs, and a variety of other ingredients to go into the cake.  Without all of those ingredients, you are going to end up with a bad end product.  The same would go for all of the different products that an industrial construction company produces.  These products are necessary to make sure that all of the end product construction can be done in a reliable manner.  One of the distinct situations that comes to mind is the development of power from a power plant.  These organizations are responsible for making sure that all of our homes are power, while the industrial construction organizations are responsible for supplying the various parts to help this process along.  Many of these organizations are responsible for the pipe fabrication that utilizes a large machine that is able to bend a large piece of heavy sheet metal into a pipe.  This pipe is then welded on one side of the tube, allowing for the piece to become one solid pipe.  A number of these pipes are then linked together, which allows for the company to piece them in a useful way.  Once these pipes are arranged in a way that is suitable for the power plant, they are then able to hire a bolt torqueing service that can come in and link up all of the pieces of pipeline so that they are one solid tube.  The bolt torquing service does a job that is vital.  It makes sure that anything that is transported through the tubes, stays in the tubes.  I think that this could be the most important aspect of the job because it is so critical to the functioning and the success of the organization.  If a company is able to do both, it can control every aspect of the process, which is something that I think most of these industrial construction companies strive for.


Turner Industries

8687 United Plaza Blvd.

Baton Rouge, LA 70809


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Steel buildings are easy to construct.

After my junior year in college, I went to Asia to travel around and to work in the sanitation field for six months.  It was a great opportunity to learn more about myself and to also do some fantastic work with some of the most amazing people that I have ever met.  While I was over there, I got the opportunity to work with a local organization that was trying to achieve complete sanitation for many rural areas.  It was tough work, but an excellent opportunity to really stretch my mind.  I became responsible for trying to figure out how to compost and reuse human excrement.  It wasn’t a pleasant job, but it was fascinating.  I enjoyed trying to figure out if we could build a simple steel building in which to house all of the composting materials and then transfer that through a set of filters to produce compost.  This is actually something that did not work out, but it was nice to be able to figure out what options were actually out there.  Also during my time in Cambodia, I did some office work that entailed learning more about the different sets of rules and guidelines of sanitation marketing.  It was a quick, learn by fire internship that I will value for the rest of my life.  Through all of my time there, I was based out of an office that was nothing more than a metal building with air conditioning.  The fact that it was so Spartan and so simple was a great pleasure of mine because I had all of the other opportunities in the world to live in a western lifestyle.  I appreciated the opportunity because I was coming from going to school at the University of Denver which was remarkably different.  Nevertheless, it was a great opportunity to learn a lot.  I also had the opportunity to travel around the region and throughout Southeast Asia.  From going up to Laos on a motor bike and staying in a hostel, which in actuality was just a steel building, to flying to Malaysia and getting to experience their western culture and embracing their English, the entire experience was one that I would not trade anything in the world for.  I do hope that I will have the opportunity to go back at some point.  I know that some of my friends have gone out there and I have been so jealous of all of their stories of the region.  The great thing is that the region will become even more successful and more prosperous.  For this reason, I am looking forward to finding out about some jobs that may be hiring in the area.  It’s a great opportunity to go out there and still have an income with which you can live and experience the entire region more fully.  It’s also a little bit easier to work out and when you have a steady stream of money coming in. I hope do to this very soon.


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Denver Locksmiths Know Their Trade

You want an expert when you are spending your money on a tradesman. It is a great way to get the most out of your money. And this would certainly apply to a commercial locksmith. Allow me to persuade you. The different in service between a good locksmith and a bad locksmith is the world. The speed that you get cannot be compared. Also a bad locksmith is much more likely to scratch your windows and paint job on your car. But what is the difference in cost between the two? It is not that much. You are much better off just trying to find a locksmith that is going to be worth your money. It will not cost you that much more. You are going to be happy that you came up off the cash to get it done. A residential locksmith is a great use of your money because the times when you need those services, you really need those services. They are of utmost importance at the time. It is one of those things that you think that you can do without until you are in a situation in which you need it. It is a great idea to just invest the money in one. And take it from me. Try to find a locksmith that is available around the clock. It is worth your effort to have the number of a locksmith on hand that is available all of the time. The same logic applies: If you need him at night, you really need him.

denver locksmith

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Marty Erzinger Will Help You Invest Wisely

The stock market can be an intimidating place. There is a lot of money to be made; there is a lot of money to be lost. And at its basic level, one person’s gains are another person’s losses. It may be tempted to get involved in the market and use your wealth to make more money for you. But this motivation may produce more issues for you and encourage rash and under-researched decisions. That’s why you need someone like Marty Erzinger in your corner to back you up, make wise financial decisions at your behest, and give you wise counsel. Wise investment is the best way that you can management your finances. Marty Erzinger knows better than to only look for the profitable options. One must also look at the proven and consistent options. In the stock market (in its various manifestations), there are good days and there are bad days. The goal is to have at least one more good day than bad. And there are patterns that reveal themselves to the trained eye. Marty Erzinger has enough experience in this field to recognize a wise option when he sees it. Your wealth is not something to be reckless with, and so you should consider investing it a person that will manage it prudently. The risk-reward dichotomy presents itself clearly in the stock market and different investment or retirement funds connected to the stock market. The market is volatile, almost as if in its nature. But this volatility is the central component that makes the money. If there were no volatility, then there would be no opportunity for profit. By making an investment of any kind, you expect change. You are hoping that the change is positive, but it is change nonetheless. It is a necessary risk. Now, bear this in mind and couple it with the reality that profit margins are typically low on your average investment. That is to say a moderate investment will yield a small return. A large investment will yield a moderate return. In other words, you have to have money to make money. So with these two dynamics in tandem, one sees the tension. You have to make large investments in order to justify the risk, but the risk is higher because it is a large investment. The way around this impasse is wise and prudent decision making. Conservative decision-making will increase the profit margin over a longer period of time. Under the counsel of someone like Marty Erzinger, you can make wise decisions over a long period of time that will eventually add to your financial portfolio. This is the basic idea behind the various forms of retirement funds. They are very reliable investments with a low return. But over the course of your career, it ultimately accrues to become a substantial amount upon which to retire. The stock market is not a place to make fast cash. It is a place in which you can manage your wealth and make smart, prudent decisions that will eventually add to that wealth.

marty erzinger

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Portrait photographers are important for Colorado’s professionals.

One of the things that I think my organization is lacking is the opportunity for our employees to have their photos taken by a professional.  It is a great opportunity for people to look professional in their LinkedIn profiles, which I am not sure how much importance should be ascribed to the social networking site, but I think that it does matter somewhat, especially for any young professional that is trying to make a mark in the business community.  Fortunately, I think that I am in a good position to have that changed for my organization.  I would like to check out the opportunity to bring in one of Colorado’s best portrait photographers to take photos of our staff and allow for those old photos floating around online to be updated.  I actually think that quite a few of my colleagues would take advantage of that opportunity and pay a small sum to have their professional photos taken.  I guess the thing that really makes me curious is whether it is important to get someone that only does portrait photography or if it is important to get someone that is just talented at photography in general.  We do have someone on staff that does a lot of our commercial photography, but I would wonder if he would be the right fit for the professional photography job that I am talking about here.  That is definitely something that I will check out and look into the costs of. It should be really interesting if we can do it.

portrait photographer colorado

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Creative design agencies work closely with architects.

My organization is in the process of designing and building a new home.  We have been in our current home for some time and our board decided that right now the time is right for us to pack our bags and move.  I would have never guessed just how many things went into moving an organization with the staff of about 100.  I know that there would be a number of things involved, but the thought and consideration that everyone has undergone for the sake of our new building is really impressive.  One of these big issues that we are facing is how we are going to set up desks and the cubicles where everyone is going to work.  To do this we have surveyed and visited a number of different companies and have also hired a couple of creative design agencies that look at maximizing worker productivity and the creation of spaces that encourage collaboration.  It is a really cool way to start looking at a new building and how you would like for the building to fit your staff and not the other way around.  I look forward to seeing the building be constructed and everything that goes along with the process.  In this process, we have also hired a couple of branding agencies to help us figure out how we can make sure that everyone knows where our new home will be and how we can identify ourselves with our new community, neighborhood, and resources around our building.

creative agency

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Mold Removal in Dallas Gets You Back on Track

Mold is a bigger deal than some people realize. People think that it is just a thing that gets on their food when it is too old. But molder is bigger than that. If you have had a recent flood or an inundated basement, you should think about hiring a company that specializes in mold removal in Dallas to take a look at your house. An inspection could be well worth the money, especially if it follows a flood or if you have discovered leaks in your house. It is an important thing because it is hard to detect. When it is on your food, at least you can see it and throw out the food. But if it is in the wood of your house, that makes the case more complicated. And that is the time that you call up a company that knows a thing or two about mold remediation . They can be a huge help because they have experience. With their trained eye, they will know the tell tale signs of mold and mildew. It is a great way to make sure that your house is safe for babies, be them your own or that of your friends. I even have a friend who allergic to every single thing in the entire world. This would include mold and mildew. If he went into a house with lots of mold and mildew, he would immediately detect it because he would have a negative reaction to it.

mold remediation boston

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Good Roads Increase Vehicle Safety

I am a pretty enthusiastic motorcyclist. I got really into motorcycles in college. But recently, I almost gave it up. There are times when I am zooming down the interstate, and I see the pavement below me whizzing by. And I often see that concrete and consider how dangerous my hobby is. All that would take is one deep and poorly placed pothole, and I am goner. At the speeds that I go on the interstate, there are not a lot of chances that I am going to survive that. There are some ways, however, of increasing safety on the road. One of those ways is by road services investing in Colorado asphalt. Asphalt provides a smooth, clean surface for cars and motorcycles to travel upon. It seems too obvious, but having a surface that is safe and reliable is a great way of increasing safety on the roads. The value of asphalt in Denver is especially high when it comes to motorcycles. Cars are more stable, as you might guess, because they have four points of contact on the ground. While this seems rather intuitive, consider hitting nasty road on a motorcycle. If you hit a bit pothole, how will you recover from that? It is one thing to ride your bike in heavy winds. At a certain pace, you cannot topple a motorcycle from the side. But if you hit a pothole head-on, all of that force goes right onto the lip of the hole. That is how terrible accidents happen, but they can be avoided by repaving bad roads.

Holland Hurst

5336 High Rd.

Evergreen, CO

(303) 674-7926

Denver paving

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Juvederm is a great option for looking younger.

Right now, we are in the middle of a time when the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.  In the past year alone, the wealth of the top twenty Americans has increased by 20% which is absolutely insane.  It is really tough to comprehend things like Bill Gates reestablishing himself as the richest man in the world, despite the fact that he gives away so much of his money through his foundation.  Nevertheless, the reason why I bring this is up is to talk about the years before the stock market crashed and everyone went into debt.  The biggest sign for any country of growing wealth is the expansion of the middle class.  With the growing middle class, they have for the first time the opportunity to spend money on unnecessary things that are not rent, mortgage, or food related.  All of the sudden, they can spend money on things that they would not have previously.  Considering the obsession that people have with their appearances, juvederm has exploded as a way to get people to look younger with not too much hassle.  At the same time, things like botox that have been around forever are still able to experience a decent amount of growth in many of their products.  As the baby boomers continued to age, I think that we can expect for these industries to continue growing and continue to develop new products for the generations x and y to become hooked on and purchase.

Laser Magic

12001 Tejon Street #130

Westminster, CO 80234

(303) 719-7546


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Bring a Knowledgeable Friend to the Dealership

Going to a car dealership in Colorado can be an intimidating experience. There are these stories (most of them fictionalized) of the used car dealer that is trying to prey on the ignorance of the average consumer or trying to pass off a piece of junk for an exorbitant price. I think that this is pretty much a farce, but people still sort of buy this idea. I know lots of friends from Indiana that work in used cars, either selling them or working on them. I know for a fact that the good people at Omeara Ford are committed to providing the best service possible. They want to make sure that they are giving you a good car at a fair price. Nonetheless, it still may be to your benefit to visit the dealership with a knowledgeable friend. My best friend, Owen, is so smart when it comes to cars. He used to work for Mercedes and now he co-owns a small mechanics shop in Indiana. Any time that I need to buy a car or motorcycle, I ask for his help. I need to make sure that I am buying the thing that I want. Nowadays, I trust that people are going to sell me a relatively good car at a relatively good price. But Owen will know if I am buying the thing that I want. The car seller is not always sure of my priorities. Owen can help translate between the dealer and myself. It is always nice to bring someone who knows what they are doing.

used cars in Denver

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Thailand Offers New Perspectives

The world is a big place. You need to get out there and see it so that you can expand number of ways that you can look at it. People from different communities may have different priorities and attitudes. Through coming to understand these paradigms, you can come to understand the world around you in multiple ways. It is like being bilingual in terms of cultural paradigms. You can solve problems in different ways. You can rearrange you own priorities by coming into contact with a different way of navigating the social world. So if you are looking for luxury vacation homes, consider traveling to Thailand. Thailand offers the opportunity to interact with people from a culture quite unlike those found in the US. The cuisine is different. The religious traditions with historical roots are different. The politics, economics, and social issues are quite different. And through observing these things and chatting with locals about them, you can make your own attitudes and ideas more robust. I think that contact with new ideas is one of the special things that make your mind grow. There is a lot to be said for consistent plodding and effort. This strengthens your mind, but I think that traveling to different places and coming into contact with different ideas also makes your mind think in different ways. If the mind is a muscle, you would not just want to exercise one and only one muscle. Travel to Thailand, staying in luxury rental homes, and expand your mind.

luxury rental apartments

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Used cars are awesome.

One of the things that I really like about used cars in Denver is that there are so many of them.  I like the fact that people have options.  I guess that is the basis of capitalism and a great option for all of the people out there that are working off of a budget and trying to make ends meet.  There are many people out there that are unfortunate in what they are trying to accomplish.  That would range from any number of things from a job or being ambitious in another area, but there are different supports available for them.  I realize that my writing skill has declined significantly in this article and that is because my friend that came over is now playing music and talking to me.  It does not help my concentration and I am not happy about what I am writing.  Still, it is important to press on and make up as much as I possibly can about used cars.  There are a number of used cars out there that have had some sort of alternations done to them.  I actually think that it is pretty funny to see some of them for sale.  Yesterday, I say this lifted Camino that was painted lime green for sale.  I am guessing that that guy probably got a girlfriend who refused to ride in the car, so he was forced to see it.  That probably lends help to the existence of all of the used cars for sale in Denver.

used cars

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Make a Plan

Constructing steel buildings is just like any other project: it needs to have a well conceived plan in order to be successful. It is no coincidence that the expression “Measure twice, cut once” comes out of construction. If you are building a fence or deck out of wood, this planning can be done by you. You can measure everything out. You can design the look of the fence or deck. But when it comes to a steel building, you may need to some more technical guidance. Steel offers a lot of benefits, but you need to understand more technical and professional concepts in order to capitalize upon those benefits. Steel parts are pre-engineered. This means that you do not need to worry about shaping the pieces for maximum strength and structural support. The arcs are already engineered in such a way to be strong and durable. But this also means that you need someone who understands all of these pieces and parts to determine which pre-engineered parts are compatible. You cannot just select at random. They are not as customizable as wood is. What you give up in the flexibility to customize with wood, you gain in strength with steel. You also need to consult an architect to determine the blueprint of your building. Even if you have a very clear vision of the aesthetic nature of the building, you need an expert in structure to make sure that the building is strong and safe. You may also find out that you can get away with less materials than you expected, thus cutting costs.

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Concrete raising makes neighborhoods more attractive.

No one wants to go walk their dog in a neighborhood where they are probably going to fall over every time they hit a different section of sidewalk.  Often sidewalks slant or become on a different level from the rest of the sidewalk because something is happening beneath it.  It may be a tree root that is raising the sidewalk up or it could be the erosion of soil from under the sidewalk that is making it sink into the land.  Fortunately, there is a solution to the latter problem.  I was not familiar with this concept prior to writing these articles, but there are machines out there that will pump grout into the soil beneath a depressed piece of the sidewalk.  This then pushes the sidewalk up, allowing for the section of sidewalk to return to the same plane as the rest of the sidewalk.  It is pretty cool and can be done in an afternoon.  This is compared with having to tear out the section of sidewalk and remake the piece that had fallen into the ground.  As a result, I would recommend mudjacking sidewalks in Denver instead of trying to replace the entire piece of the sidewalk.  Not only is it more efficient, but it allows for the owner’s of the patch of land beyond the sidewalk to not have to put up with a jackhammer for too long.  Concrete raising in Denver  is also cheaper in the long run that having to replace the sidewalk because you never know what is going to happen.

AAA Concrete Raising Company

6116 Russell Court

Arvada CO  80403

(303) 526-2222

concrete raising denver

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Find Renewable Energy: Solar Panels

Renewable energy is a popular topic. I think that as people are starting to gain a broader perspective about the scale of our energy consumption, we are starting to realize that there is going to be a big result. People are also starting to realize that we cannot go backwards. How do we remedy our dependency on oil and gas? Do we go backwards in history and start using coal? Of course not. Do we go even further back in history and use horse-drawn carriages? No, the remedy is to more forward with green energy, such as solar panels. We have to get ourselves out of this mess in the same way that we got ourselves in it: by embracing technology and scientific innovation. We have to get creative and think harder. We have to be better. We also have to be wiser. I think that this wisdom includes an emphasis on renewable energy, like Colorado solar panels in Denver. We have to be able to look out into the future. It now seems naïve to think we can use whatever we want in terms of the earth’s resources and that there would be no consequence. I think that people are getting wiser as we learn more about the history of the cosmos. To gain a wider perspective, I think that people realize that humans were not on the earth for most of its history. This means that there is no reason why the earth could not exist without us again.

denver solar panels

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Choose Dentists As You Would Choose Doctors

There are a lot of things to consider when looking for a dentist. You have to think about the ease with which you can travel to the dentist’s office. If it is in a neighboring town, that may be a deterrent to take your kids to the dentist or go there yourself. You need to look at the credentials of the dentist. You want someone who has proven that she or he knows what he or she is doing. And in this vein, you want to choose your dentist in the way that you would choose a doctor. Do not forget that a dentist is a highly trained medical professional. You need to reorient your attitude about dentists toward medicine and away from cosmetics. Everyone things about good dental health as being tantamount to a good looking smile. This is somewhat understandable. Many of the indicators of good oral health happen to coincide with a healthy mouth. If you mouth is clean and healthy, your teeth will be white. If your mouth is free of harmful bacteria that can cause diseases, your breath will smell good. Bad smelling breath is the indicator of the presence of bacteria or a mouth disease. Straight, neat teeth are functionally superior to crooked teeth. So all of the things that you want in order to look good happen to be indicators of good health. But it is all about health. Do not forget that your pediatric dentist is a doctor at the end of the day.

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Our Brazilian friends’ store was also interesting.

One day while we were visiting friends in Sao Paulo, we stopped at the home automation store of our hosts.  It was very cool to see some many setups specifically designed around automating one’s home for playing music and watching movies.  Of course, it was possible for everyone to set up their home security systems as well.  That said, the coolest thing was by far the ability to play music from any room in the house.  Moreover, they had the ability to set up a playlist when the owner would wake up.  Could you imagine a better way to start your day than to have your favorite music playing when you wake up?  It would follow you around the house and really get you pumped for the day.  That sounds perfect to me.  Anyway, the other cool part of this store was that they had a pool in the front part of the building.  I have to assume that a lot of the people that they work with had pools and wanted to figure out how to incorporate the home automation system into their pools or something like that.  It seems like a great idea to me.  With the development of the home automation system around their pools, they also have the ability to enhance their home security system with security cameras that can be accessed by the same device that controls everything else.  It really was a neat system to see firsthand and it would be fun to install one in my home one day.

home security systems

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Its all in the wording

Sometimes I stop what I’m doing and wonder to myself how many unnecessary words I can cram into these client websites.  I mean, website design is all about creating a space that has a look and feel that the customer is going to relate to and feel compelled by, so that they pass along the website or they come back to it again and again.  And often, that is done by telling a story that the customer or potential customer can relate to and really resonate with.  And great story telling starts with full and vivid descriptions and lots of fantastically used wording.  Stories can be good when short, but often its the verbose wording of a story that helps to draw the reader into the world that is created through the descriptions.  And so I’ll often put down my pen for a moment and look at the space that I’m trying to fill, and wonder how many words i can cram into that space for the client. We never want the website to look crammed, or like there isn’t enough empty space around the words to help ease the pressure on the eyes of reading on screen.  But it is also very important to get the story right, and to get as much of the story as possible on one page on the screen for readers to interact with.  This is why website design can be so challenging, it really takes a lot of creativity and a good story teller to get it right.

web design

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