Should I try gluten free tortillas?

gluten free tortillaHey everybody, so I am curious if anyone has tried the gluten free diet. I heard that it is really difficult, but very rewarding. Can someone please explain it to me?

One of my best friends Patricia is allergic to gluten and it wasn’t until recently that more gluten free products became available to her. She’s had this allergy for as long as I’ve known her (so about ten years) and she’s always struggled with finding gluten free products at the grocery store.

So, while Pat has the gluten free diet because of her allergy, I’ve heard that more and more women are turning to this diet. Is it successful? I’m curious because I absolutely LOVE tortillas and I was wondering if there was a gluten free tortilla substitution out there. My family is Hispanic, so we constantly eat tortillas; hence my dilemma. We eat tortillas for lunch in different wraps. We eat tortillas at dinner for tacos, quesadillas, or enchiladas. We eat them all of the time!

Also, I would like to know the side effects of going on this diet if there are any. For example, do you find yourself craving various gluten products like bread and waffles more often? What happens if you suddenly start eating gluten products after avoiding them for a long time? Will you get sick? Is it okay to indulge in a doughnut every so often? Is it a diet where it is all or nothing? And most importantly, are there really gluten free tortillas?

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Family business needs some help

My brother and I took over my dad’s construction business about two years ago. And, to be honest, there are some days where I want to rip my hair out or my brother’s head off, but then there are those days where I know my dad would be proud that we kept his business.

interview trainingI went to college for business administration and human resources (it was a hybrid program). At any rate, while I handle the administrative duties, my brother works with the other employees at the work site—he is the head contractor. So, while John is running around getting permits and approving every step of construction, I work on keeping the paperwork to a minimum and working with clients. I also have the responsibility to hire future contractors, so I created a few employee assessment tests that each of our employees must take before officially being a team member. It is our little way of making sure that each of our employees will work well with our business strategy and philosophy.

What I like best about the employee assessment tests is that they tell me how an employee acts in different situations. I would say that in general all of our employees are laid-back, fun guys, so it has never been an issue. If only there was a magically computer system that would make all the other aspects of my life easier like waking my kids up and taking them to school, making dinner for my family, or telling my brother to shut up sometimes.

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Thank goodness for young people!

Thank goodness for my nephew. He is a little computer genius! He understands everything about the internet, so he helps me all of the time with my small business’s marketing strategies. My nephew, Sam, is twenty-three and he is a website designer for a great Denver web development firm. He is a recent graduate from college and he landed this position because he was top in his class for graphic design and computer science.

Ever since Sam was fifteen, he has always helped me with computer applications. My husband and I own and operate a small coffee shop and restaurant in our small town outside of Denver. We are getting up in age, so I never grew up knowing computers like Sammy did.

He created this wonderful website design and logo for our company at age eighteen! How impressive is that! We are very proud of him and I don’t let me sister (Sam’s mom) forget it.

It is crazy how much our business has grown since the implication of our website. Somehow, Sam got us hooked up on various different search engines and restaurant finders, so I think that has helped significantly. I also think that it helps that we have expanded to different locations around the Denver-metro area. We now have coffee shops in four different locations around Denver and Boulder. Who knows what is in store for our business, but if Sam has anything to do with it, then I don’t think I will ever retire (and that’s a good thing but I would get too bored).

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Why are teenagers so difficult

Oh my goodness, as if teenage daughters were not dramatic enough. Now, my daughter is piling on the drama as we drive over to the orthodontist to get her first set of braces put on. I cannot tell you how many times I heard “But mom! I will be a freak, all of the boys will hate me, and I won’t be able to eat anything!” To which I respond “well you need to focus on your studies and less on boys in the first place.” Oh my goodness, here we go again (insert eye roll).


I just don’t understand, she is only going to need her braces for a few months to straighten out her teeth and realign her bite, what’s the big deal? It isn’t as if she is the only person in her grade that will have braces: EVERYONE ELSE DOES. I think she is more worried about the fact that she will have something on her teeth over the next few months that she cannot control. But, like I said, we are going to get her braces regardless of what she is feeling. Heck, when I was her age I would have been so thankful for my parents for investing in my smile, but instead I had to wait until college to get braces because that is when my parents could afford them. So, really, I don’t know what she is complaining about. Heck, nowadays there are so many options in orthodontics. You can get braces or invisalign. They have a ton of different procedures, and they can do it a lot cheaper and faster than when I was growing up.

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