Top things to never do when packing your self storage unit.

There are a lot of pieces of advice that people will give you regarding your self storage unit. They will tell you to pack things you need more frequently to the front, to not underestimate the power of organizational systems within your self storage unit, to always label every box. What most people do not tell you are things that you should avoid packing and avoid doing when it comes to your self storage unit. After all, when tend to think in positives rather than negatives as a culture, but it is important to remember that there are a few major “don’t’s” that will have an impact on the way your self storage unit lasts in the long term, and your possessions with it. Here are some things to remember NOT to do as you areĀ packing your things for storage:

  • DON’T leave art, mirrors, and paintings out in the open. With oddly shaped items like these you might be tempted to wrap them in a sheet and just place them against a wall. You should never do this, as the dust, moisture, and dirt that will travel into your self storage unit will end up doing some serious damage. Instead, invest in art boxes and pack them in these. This will preserve your art for the long term.
  • DON’T pack audio and video equipment in just any old box, and never separate components. When you go to unpack this equipment, you will be disappointed if things have gotten separated during the move and you are left with speakers without the cord to set them up, and other conundrums. Your audio and video equipment should always be repacked within their original boxes, making it easier for you to know what everything is. The original boxes are also likely to have cushioning materials built into the packaging, which will help protect this equipment while in storage.
  • DON’T pack combustibles, corrosive liquids, or flammable items. This should go without saying, but many a self storage unit fire would claim otherwise. When packing up things from your garage and lawn equipment, just be sure to get rid of any materials that meet this specification, as you will find that something will irritate these items and end up causing a lot of damage.
  • DON’T just set items on the floor of the unit. Always pack on pallets at the very least and with shelving units if you wish to be truly thoughtful about your packing. Pallets will allow air to circulate underneath andĀ around your self storage units so that moisture build up is less of an issue. This may also help with dust and dirt build up, as the air will move freely and keep everything from getting stale in the unit.

These are just a few things you should take off of your list of things to do when packing your self storage unit. At the end of the day, you will be well served if you always keep in mind your end goals of being able to use the items you put in storage in years to come.

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