Urgent Care Extra Las Vegas diagnosed a spider bite

My husband had taken our two sons on their first overnight camping trip, and came back yesterday tired, dirty, and happy. The boys fell sound asleep early, while Josh filled me in on their couple of days out at the camp site. I had enjoyed some time to myself while they were gone, Urgent Care Extra Las Vegasbut I was glad to have all of my boys back at home. I had missed them, and of course, I worried a little bit, too.

My husband had taken a lot of insect repellent with them but they had all gotten some bug bites anyway. When the boys woke up the next morning, Caleb was scratching at one bite in particular that seemed to look different than the others, and was redder, bigger, and more swollen. As the morning progressed, it seemed to get bigger and bigger, and I worried about whether he might be having an allergic reaction to his bug bite, whatever it was. We thought maybe it was a spider bite instead of the mosquito bite we initially thought it was, and it seemed to be really bothering him. Since it was a Sunday and the pediatrician’s office was not open, I decided to take Caleb into Urgent Care Extra Las Vegas, which was not too far away and open on weekends.

By the time we got to Urgent Care Extra Las Vegas, it was clear that he was having some sort of reaction. He was breathing okay but the bump had doubled in size and was becoming painful, instead of just scratchy. The staff at Urgent Care Extra Las Vegas gave me some paperwork to fill out and promised there would not be a long wait. There were only a couple of other people in the waiting room, and while Caleb seemed uncomfortable, I could tell he was not in serious danger. I filled out the paperwork and tried to talk to him at the same time to distract him from his bite. It worked for a few minutes, and then he went back to fussing at it.

The nurse who took us back about twenty minutes later was fabulous. In less than a minute she had Caleb laughing and completely distracted while she inspected the bite. She agreed that it looked like he was having a reaction but it was unclear whether he was allergic to it, or whether he was just having a normal reaction to what was a different kind of bite. When the doctor finally came in, he looked at it for about a minute and asked Caleb a few questions. He decided that in fact Caleb had likely been bitten by a spider. This seemed like a perfectly normal reaction to some of the spiders we have in the desert out here, and he recommended some children’s Benadryl and a long nap for him. If it had not gone down in size or swelling within twelve hours, they told us to bring him right back. We need not have worried: after some Benadryl and sleeping away most of the day, he woke up a couple of hours ago and it is almost completely back to normal.

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Pre-nuptial agreements are important before tying the knot

I know that when most people get married they are washed over with these probably unrealistic expectations that their marriage will last forever and that neither one of them would ever do anything to hurt the other person. Don’t get me wrong, part of me wishes that this was true but if you look at the statistics you will see just how unlikely that situation actually is. That doesn’t mean that I don’t think that people should go ahead and get married anyway if that is what they want, I just think that they should be more responsible about it and take those steps to protect themselves just in case things go sour. I think the best and easiest way to make these safeguards is to go to a divorce lawyer and sign a pre-nuptial agreement. I know that no one wants to think about what would happen if their spouse decides to go off the deep end and tries to take things from you but it is something that needs to be talked about. You can even try and find as nice as possible of a way to say it. Of course it will never be easy but if you approach your future husband or wife and tell them that you love them very much but that it is important for you to make sure that if anything ever happens that both of you are taken care of and will not face any more negative consequences from the divorce than you would have to. When you bring up the idea of a pre-nuptial agreement, make sure that the emphasis is on the protection of both parties, not just protecting you from them. No one wants to be taken advantage of and in the middle of a heated divorce is probably one of the most likely times in a persons life where they might do something that they are not proud of and something that they might not have done under other circumstances.

family lawyer Of course if you and your future spouse decide on having children the whole process of getting divorced is going to become much more crazy and difficult but at least you can have the separation of property taken care of. Hopefully by avoiding the big fights over who gets the car and who gets the dog, you and your partner can be a bit calmer and work together a bit better in discussions regarding child custody and child support. The chances of that conversation getting pretty heated is large enough, if you come into the conversation already being furious with your former partner there is no chance that anyone is going to have any desire to co-operate with the other person.

No matter what point you and your partner are in, whether it is pre-marital bliss or wanting to kill the other during the divorce procedure, make sure that you talk to lawyers and make the kinds of decisions that allow you to love and trust your new partner, but also to be legally safe if the unexpected does happen, because statistics shows it probably will.


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How to Mitigate Water Damage in your Phoenix Home

One should never underestimate the water damage in Phoenix that a flood can potentially cause to property. Floods can be triggered by natural events such as excessive rainfall or due to some defect in structure such as a leaking roof and a broken pipe.  Water damage also affects the structural integrity of your homes. Moisture can lead to mold formation, which can further aggravate damages to furniture and property.

In order to prevent or at least minimize the degree of damage your property sustains in the event of a flood, you can still protect your assets by taking steps that can help reduce such damages. As they say, prevention is better than cure. It is, indeed, more cost-efficient than spending for repairs. Make sure that your house, its plumbing, and roofing is inspected regularly. Ask your plumber to check the status of every pipe and pump in your plumbing system. This way, you not only ensure that the system works properly but that no existing leaks are undetected. Also, you can find if anything is malfunctioning or in need of replacing, and you can get them fixed before more severe problems result.

water damage in Phoenix

kitchen rot

For roofing experts, ask them to check the state of your roofing shingles and to make sure that all the seams are sealed properly. When the roof is well-built, it can defend your home from accumulating excessive moisture. You can ask your roofing expert to install flashing, which is a trim made from aluminum or copper, which is used to cover the edges of doors and windows. When the flashing is warped or has deteriorated, excess water can get inside your house. Remember that even a small leak if left unattended can cause considerable damage over time.

Regular cleaning of the gutters is also recommended. Make sure that the gutters are not clogged and that water is able to flow easily. Dirt, debris, and leaves can easily clog the gutters, which can cause water to build up. If it can’t properly flow through the gutter, the water seeps into its surroundings and cause leaking or flooding problems.

Renovations can also be helpful in mitigating costs for water damage in Phoenix. Installing fixtures and extra drainage systems can be beneficial for preserving properties. Since this type of renovation is expensive, you can ask your insurance provider if your coverage includes preventive renovations.

To further prevent any damages caused by flooding to your properties, make sure low-lying furniture are elevated. Appliances, such as washers, and electronics should be placed in shelves or at least off the floor. You can also ensure that important documents are secured and kept dry by placing them inside plastic bags or Ziplocs.

In just a few minutes, floods can potentially cause damages that can cost hundreds of dollars. In addition to purchasing home insurance, it is best to take preventive steps to save you the expenses of repair and restoration. In case you are faced with flooding problems, get in touch with any water damage contractor for assistance.

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Working on my company and letting someone else handle the business accounting

When I first started my company I thought that since I am all right at math that I could just handle all of my company’s finances and taxes by myself. It worked out all right, about as well as I expected for about the first six months or so and then it just got so bad that I had to step down and find a professional business CPA to handle it for me. I thought that overall it would just be a lot of organization and math, and do not get me wrong, it was for sure a lot of organization and math but there were also a lot of complexities that I had not anticipated and were much more difficult to deal with than I had thought. Plus, even if I could have really put in more time and effort into figuring it all out and making it work, there is the idea that I have heard a few times in the business world that says, even if you can do something, it does not necessarily mean that you should. For this situation for me that means that even if I could have figured out the business accounting side of the company, why should I spend so much of my time and effort doing something that someone else could easily do much better than I could when I should be spending all of my time and energy doing the long list of things that I need to be doing in the company. Things that really only I can or should be doing.

At first the biggest factor that held me back from hiring a business accounting firm was that I didn’t want to spend any extra money that I did not have to. I quickly realized though that when I was trying to do everything myself I wasn’t really spending any extra money but I was not earning anywhere near as much as I would have earned if I had been able to focus my attention a little bit better and really work on the business efforts side of the company and left the business accounting side of everything to someone who actually knows what they are doing.

business cpaAs soon as I hired the accounting firm and decided that the math and accounting part of the company was no longer my problem I had so much time free up and I was able to focus much clearer on the things that I had to do. Before every time I was working on one thing my brain was constantly going over to something else and trying to solve too many problems at one time. Now that I have worked a little bit harder to clear things up and organize what exactly I should be spending my time on, I have been able to work much more focused and have a much better time doing the things that I am good at when it comes to running my company well and helping it grow.

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Some important things to know about energy investing

Investments in energy can be a great addition to a well rounded investment portfolio.  Energy, in the form of resources such as oil and gas, are a smart investment.  There is always going to be a demand for these resources regardless of the state of the economy, and there is more and more oil and gas being discovered on land all over the United States each and every day.  There are different ways to invest in energy, but royalty investing is a really great business opportunity and a way to get involved and invested in energy quickly.

People who are getting involved in energy investing are people who are looking for a good investment in a segment of the economy which is growing.  In this type of investment, people have the opportunity to invest in land, and get royalty fees for each time that land is used to drill or access oil and gas.  In a sense, you are the landlord and the tenants (oil companies) will pay you for use of the land.  More and more people are realizing the benefits of this type of investment, however there are still many opportunities to get involved.  If you are interested in energy investing, a good first step is to do some research and learn more about the investment opportunity.

There are some important things you should know before you decide on a royalty investment in energy.

The first thing that is important to know is about your liquidation needs.  If you need an investment which will quickly turn into cash income, this may not be the best opportunity for you.  Energy investments can be very profitable, but they do not generally offer instant liquidity.  This is a problem for some people if they are looking for an investment where they can receive their assets very quickly!

Another important thing to think about is location.  You want to make sure you are investing in a piece of land which will be a good place to ensure that your investment will be good.  For example, you want to make sure you land is seismically sound, and look into other things about the land to properly mitigate risk.  To ensure that your location is sound, you will need a team of people to help you.  You will want to make sure you have a good team who knows what they are doing and who can advise you to make the best energy investing decisions.

As with any investment, you should also make sure you have a sound exit strategy in place.  Before making your energy investment, set some goals for yourself.  What are you hoping to gain from this investment? At what point will you be content and want to consider selling the land?  You don’t want to stay invested so long that you end up loosing money if the market prices go down.

Now that you have some basic information on energy investing, you can make a decision about whether this type investing is the right choice for you.

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As a tenant, changing window treatments is a frequent occurrence

Being a landlord is a big responsibility, especially if it is not your primary job. Any time anything goes wrong on your property, or properties if you have several, you are responsible for fixing it in a timely manner. Certain things are definitely the responsibility of the tenant. General cleanliness, not breaking windows, appliances, and basically keeping the place in good shap besides normal wear and tear are up to the tenant to maintain. However, if the water heater breaks, the basement floods, or the dryer knob falls off, you are the one that they call to come and fix it. You might be statutorily required to respond within a certain time frame depending on the state, so it is handy to know the laws that govern your area.

By and large screening out tenants so you can make sure you have responsible ones who will take care of your property will help ensure the best use of your property overall. Responsible tenants pay the bills on time, clean up after their pets, keep the doors locked, and do not leave the stove on by accident. Cleaning up in between tenants is probably one of the bigger frustrations no matter how responsible the tenant. Blinds inevitably need to be replaced because a pet or a child tugged on them the wrong way, and hardwood floors need to be checked for scratches. Even movers can cause damage moving things in or out, so a tenant might think they left the place in impeccable condition while the mover left a mark on the wall on his way out.

Replacing window treatments or putting a fresh coat of paint on are the more minor, routine changes that have to happen between tenants. The real damage comes when they did not take care of something, or did not warn you as a landlord about potential problems. If they did not report a leak, broken window, or did not pay their gas bill and it was shut off, then it is a lot more work for the landlord to clean up after. Generally speaking, if you cannot afford to lose it then it is recommended you do not put it in a property you are renting out. Forget custom windows, skylights, or stainless steel appliances. Install stuff that tenants can use, and that you will not be upset by if it is damaged even slightly.

Overall being a landlord can be rewarding but tough, and it can certainly be lucrative if you have the right property in the right location, or the right capital to invest in prime property. Managing several places can also have the same effect, but can be more difficult and demanding on your time. There are certain states that are friendlier to tenants than to landlords, so knowing the rules up front will help make it a smoother process for you as a landlord in the long run. It is not for everyone, but there are an awful lot of renters out there and they all have landlords of some sort or another!

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Home loans with bad credit have allowed people to rebuild their lives after the recession

The economic downturn that became a recession in 2008 and 2009 had a profound impact on economies around the world. The root cause of the crisis was an enthusiasm for lending money to people who were not qualified to buy homes they could not afford. Those home loans were then packaged and sold as collateralized debt obligations at more than they were worth. Ultimately, because people making fifty thousand dollars a year had taken out mortgages for seven hundred thousand dollar homes, the bottom was inevitably going to fall out from under them and the housing boom began to implode as homeowners foreclosed left and right. The financial firms who had purchased these loans saw it happen seemingly overnight, and could not get rid of them fast enough.

Because people were foreclosing, the construction industry stalled along with the banking industry. It was discovered that financial firms were taking inappropriate risks and then needing to be bailed out by the government for risk of them failing altogether and taking people’s entire lifetimes’ worth of savings with them. Congress reacted by putting tighter restrictions into place, especially for those firms who had received financial backing from the government, and consumer protections were put in place that made it harder to get home loans. Consumers might have considered this onerous but ultimately the government realized they seemed to need a little bit of protection from themselves. By not allowing them to borrow more than they can reasonably pay back, it would help prevent future foreclosures and housing bubble bursts.

However, all of this created quite the troublesome scenario. People lost their jobs, their homes, and their livelihoods, and picking all of that back up following the financial crisis proved to be difficult. Once someone got a job, it was a struggle to get a home loan, and another market was created: home loans for people with bad credit. These are specific types of loans targeted towards exactly those people who were hurt in the recession, and for people with high levels of debt that do not allow them to save for large down payments. These bad credit home loans allow people to put less money down on a reasonably priced mortgage, with lower interest rates than in the past, and the government backs the loan for the life of it. This makes it easier for people to get back into homes, since there were so many empty ones following the recession, and has even allowed for a surge in demand. The access to home loans with bad credit has led to a resurgence in construction as well, as demand for homes increases.

All of these different pieces have led to a slow recovery of the housing market, and the economy as a whole, as each part of it starts to fall back into place. More home buying means fewer empty homes, more construction, and more people building equity back into their lives. Financial security is never a guarantee but owning a home is a huge step in the right direction.

home loans for bad credit

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Establish a relationship with professional roofers before you need them

Owning a home is something everyone should have the opportunity to do at least once in their lives if they want to. Being able to put down roots and call something yours is an irreplaceable feeling. However, owning a home does not come without significant challenges and in the end, home ownership does not in fact suit everyone. Many people strive to own their own homes, but many others still feel the hassle of owning a home is not for them. Some are wanderers, who like to be able to pick up and move at the drop of a hat. Others prefer to live in a place for a few years and then try a different neighborhood or city. Yet others simply do not want to deal with the hassle of having to find the repair guy themselves, and would rather call a landlord who can deal with any issue at a moment’s notice.

For those who prefer to own their homes, there are so many more pros than cons. Being able to decorate at will, change the design, be able to put in a doggy door, or fence in a backyard all outweigh the trouble of needing to keep up with the house. Homeowner’s insurance can help offset some of the more expensive repairs, such as windows or new roofing, and of course, owning a home provides one with some equity. It can provide a place for your children to grow up and call home, and it does not matter if your dog rips up a piece of carpet or your child colors on the walls. It matters to you as a homeowner, of course, but there is no security deposit or angry landlord at risk, and you know that you can manage those things on your own time and your own budget.

Some of the most important things a homeowner can have at the ready are a handyman for around the house type repairs, a plumber they know and trust, and professional roofers who have a good reputation for quality and affordability. These are the people a homeowner never wants to have to call but wants to know they are there if needed. Doing this research up front and finding contractors you trust, particularly if you are in emergency need of roof repairs, can save a lot of time, energy, and even money by avoiding being charged more by a contractor who knows you are in desperate need of help and will pay whatever they ask. Weeding those businesses out ahead of time and establishing a relationship with ones you trust and can rely on can be invaluable when there really is an emergency.

This might all sound scary but as almost every homeowner can attest, owning your own home is worth it. Calling it yours, decorating and designing how you want it to look, and truly making a life out of owning a home is a priceless experience for those who can and choose to take advantage of it. Think about it for your family today.


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Mile High Organics makes your lifestyle easier.

In today’s world, it can be tricky to make everything fit in. After all, there is so much to do! If you have a family, there’s the time you will have to spend taking your children places. If you have a family and work, then you have even less time to spend taking care of everyday things, like doing the laundry and cooking dinner and cleaning your home, let alone go grocery shopping! Even families who have two parents who function equally in the tasks of working and raising children find this difficult. Some times there simply is not enough time to get everything done in time! This is the reason that so many parents end up unhappy. It is not that they do not love their children, but some times life gets so crazy that they just need a little time to themselves. If these things ring a bell, do not worry, you are certainly not alone. But there is good news in store! While life may be crazy and things may seem like they are out of hand, you can take the scheduling difficulties out of at least one thing; your grocery shopping! While other tasks are usually ones that you can squeeze in here and there, grocery shopping is usually confined by pesky things like store hours and such. Make this part of your life easier by ordering your groceries online! Local organic food delivery services are not exactly a dime a dozen, and if you are a parent who is particularly invested in making sure your family eats right, you probably find yourself struggling to make all the things you need to do fit into the little time that you have. That is why Mile High Organics is just the perfect solution for the busy family who also values the food that they eat. There are all sorts of online grocery shopping options, but you need to have one that you know you can count on to provide you with the best possible food options for your family. That is why Mile High Organics is such a one of a kind place. It is USDA organic approved and it is the only one hundred percent GMO free grocery store in all of Colorado. That is what makes it such a special place!

http://www.milehighorganics.com/If you are not only a busy person but a concerned human who cares about the food that you eat, then it is time to get yourself back in shape and choose Mile High Organics. They have Colorado’s best selection of organic produce and meat, and their home delivery service makes them a no brainer. After all, for busy people scheduling your healthy online grocery shopping in is the easiest thing of all! Plus you can trace the places your food is coming from so that you know for sure that you are getting the best products. These groceries are also cost competitive with the store you are already shopping at. So do not hesitate! Order your groceries today!

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My apartment has some great windows.

This past year, I had the opportunity to go out and look for my own place to buy.  It was a great experience and one that I am looking forward to doing again.  My favorite thing about looking to buy a place was the opportunity to negotiate.  In Denver’s real estate market, I do not think that many people have the opportunity to go out and negotiate their price.  However, I was so well backed by the bank that I was able to get about $9,000 off of my apartment and that made me very excited.  Nevertheless, I did not go out and try to buy this specific place just because I thought that I could get some money off.  The reason why I went for this specific place is the litany of windows in the unit.

windowsWhen I think about my ideal place to live, it is bright.  Bright light as it shines through in the morning is one of the most important things to me.  That is why I was so excited to find my current place.  My current place features many windows that allow for the place to light up.  It looks beautiful during the day time and with all of the leaves on the trees right now, it looks like a great place to hang out and spend some time.  Nevertheless, with all of the windows in the place, I have to make sure that I am taking care of them.  For the most part, windows are very easy to care for.  I have to make sure that I clean them and keep them from falling out of the sliders, but other than that I don’t really have to do much.  That is so long as I am not doing something stupid or there is something tossed through the window from the outside.  Still, I feel like I would not have to do too much if that were to happen.  The great thing is that I am covered by the HOA if something is thrown through my window.  Instead of those cost for a replacement window to be coming out of my pocket, the HOA is the one that would have to pay. This bodes well for me because I am not sure that I would be able to pay that amount of money for some replacement windows.

The HOA would also have to pay for the window installation. That means that instead of having to worry about how I would be able to pay for something like that, my HOA would take care of everything.  I guess when you look at it that is another reason why I am excited to be living where I am.  It means that I am pretty well taken care of.  Having the HOA fee is kind of a pain because I will never be able to recoup those costs, but at the same time, it’s nice to be them as a backer in these situations.

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Check your windows and front door for leaks

Over a period of time the doors and windows on your house will begin to show a number of different signs of aging that in many situations can lead quickly to things such as gaps between the seals of the front door or window, which can make a huge difference in the heating and cooling of your home. Even if the gaps and cracks are relatively small, air is constantly flowing back and forward between the outside and inside of your home. Over a few hours this means that a percentage of your heating or cooling is more or less flying out the window. If you have a fairly sturdy and quality front door or windows installed in your home this process will happen much slower and much more controlled than with flimsy and junky windows that loose their integrity after just a few years.

If you suspect that this is happening in your home, there are a few different measures that you can take to help prevent the continuation of the problem.

First of all, to help stop the problem before it starts, let me just say that as much as I usually prefer to buy the cheaper option whenever possible, there are certain situations like when you buy something for your home in particular, where it is probably better to just suck it up and buy something that may be a little bit more expensive at first but will not need constant repair or replacement over the next one or two decades. Plus, if your front door or window is not great quality, realize that within a few years you are probably going to be paying the difference, if not more in higher heating and cooling costs then really having to pay more by replacing the front door or windows sooner than you would otherwise have to. That is why with big things like this it is best just to do it right the first time.

front door So, if you already have a less than wonderful quality front door or set of windows, eventually the best move is going to be to replace them obviously. That does require a bit of financial investment so I understand that this might not be an option for everyone right away. Just keep in mind that sooner is usually better with things such as this. In the meantime, you can find a number of different seals and other products at hardware stores that can be put around your windows or front door that will make a tighter seal. Frankly even people who have really nice and solid front doors should probably invest in one of these seal things because they can really help save quite a bit of money with your heating and cooling. The same kind of product is also sold for your window frames so if you think that you are probably loosing most of your air through your windows that can be another possible solution for you and your home.

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Loving our new dental office

Last year we had to move our dental office from the original location that we started the practice in. The move was a little bit bitter sweet because the original location was the first dental office that any of us had been in, and growing it into what it has become was very labor intensive, time consuming, and a work of love for all of us. We loved the neighborhood and the location that we chose, and it was the perfect commute for the time that we were there. The the area had changed and it was no longer the most effective and reasonable place for us to be located. The freeway and the access roads were different than when we moved in, and the clientele was no longer living in that area. We also were growing out of the space that we had, as our customer and client base has really expanded over the years that we have been here. So it really was time to start looking around for a new space that we could call home and move into for the long term. We were looking at new buildings in the down town area for the last year or so, but didn’t find anything that was quite perfect for us. Then they decided to do the hospital expansion in the uptown neighborhood, which is where many of our clients now live. That area is perfect for us, and so it made sense to try to get one of those newly created dental spaces in the new buildings that are going up around the hospital. The expansion was the hospital but also the medical offices that are around the space.dental office

So, our new dental office is now fully transitioned and operational in the new medical offices that are directly across the street from the new wing of the hospital. It took us several months to get used to the new commute and the new things that we had to work with in the space. There is an under ground parking garage, that is much different for our clients than parking on the street. So we have to be better about giving them directions to find us in the building. But our views are incredible, much better than before, and the commuting and eating options are better in this neighborhood as well. We are more than happy with the move and the size of the space. We have a much larger waiting room than we had in the last space, and so that will help us grow an expand as quickly as possible. We are looking to get another dentist in here as well as a new list of clients, because the space in our dental office now can handle it. We had stifled growth before because there was just not enough room for us to house and take care of the new clients and the new dentists that it would require. As it stands now, we are in a really great position in this new office space to work towards that.

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