Having Reputable Roofers Inspect Your Roof at Least Once a Year is Pretty Much the Best Thing You can Do for Your Roof.

roofersWhen it comes to keeping your home in good shape, you cannot afford to be neglectful of your roof.  After all, your roof is the main thing standing between you and rain, sleet, snow, and hail.  You should think of your roof as a protective shield that keeps all of these things out of your living space.  Of course, being constantly exposed to the elements takes its toll, which is why your roof may need to be repaired, or even re-roofed, fairly frequently.  You will have no way of knowing if your roof needs repairs, though, if you do not get it inspected regularly.  Having reputable roofers inspect your roof at least once a year is pretty much the best thing you can do for your roof.

Most people are aware that they should get their roof inspected from time to time, but far too few people are truly vigilant about their roofs.  In fact, a lot of people neglect to get their roof inspected and do not call the roofers until water is actually dripping from their ceiling.  By the time this happens, though, your roof may be in pretty bad shape.  Leaks can form for a variety of reasons, though it always comes back to your roof not being secure in some way.  When your roofing begins to deteriorate or weaken in a certain spot, water can seep in.  After awhile of water seeping into the roof, it will eventually drip down into your ceiling and living space.  The more precipitation you are experiencing, the quicker the deterioration will be.  If you do have any noticeable water damage in your ceiling, as a result of a current leak, you do need to deal with it, immediately.  Of course, if you do not have a leak, you still may need to call some roofers just to be sure.  The purpose of the inspections is to identify potential leaks, before they turn into a major problem.  If you do not get the recommended inspections, you are doing yourself a disservice.  There could be damage in your roof that you are unaware of.  This is bad because it means a leak could spring up at any moment.

Even though you are not the one who is going to perform the inspection and repairs, it may be good to know a little bit about your roof.  The main goal of a roof is to be completely sealed and watertight, so no precipitation can find its way into your house.  During an inspection, professional roofers closely examine the roofing material, for signs of damage.  The process does not take too long, but you should give them plenty of time to look at your roof very closely, as minor damage may be harder to spot.  Luckily, inspections are also fairly inexpensive, with some roofing companies offering free inspections and estimates. Of course, it is not the cost of the inspection that is worrisome, but, for the most part, the cost of repairs is fairly low, as long as the damage is not too extensive.

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I chose Invisalign braces


It’s not often that you get a choice when visiting the orthodontist. Most of the time you are sent there by your dentist and his or her orders are clear to the next physician. However on my first visit to i-Ortho I wanted to talk to them about my choices for when I want to get braces and they were able to break down my options, you can imagine how surprised I was by this.

So, in this article I will break down a few things for my dear readers so you too can be aware of the options before you. Keep in mind that these “options” exist outside of my orthodontist office at i-Ortho and that these views and opinions are mine and mine alone. I will be giving you an extremely subjective view from my perspective so keep that in mind as you read on:

Option 1, traditional braces. This isn’t anything new or exciting but the standard metal braces we have seen are tried and true. Put these puppies on and in 6 months to a year you will notice a dramatic difference in where your teeth are aligned. You can always count on braces working the way they should but the main drawback here is the aesthetics. Nobody raves about how great your smile is when you wear metal braces because they are a huge eye-sore and impossible to ignore. The drawbacks to this type of bracing system are obvious and well documented. After speaking with a few friends who also wore these braces I found that they can be quite uncomfortable when you factor in the metal wires and rubber bands that take up real estate in your mouth as well. Often times the wearer will experience inflamed gums which causes a protrusion of their lips making it obvious that corrective dental wear is being used even if the mouth is closed.

Invisalign braces work on a similar but different principle that allows the user to experience the same results (movement of a tooth or teeth to a prescribed location by an orthodontist) without the need for metal wires or rubber bands. Here’s how it works: First, a computer generated 3D image is constructed of the patient’s mouth. This is done by taking images and compiling them in a computer software program. The goal here it to map the front and back of the teeth where movement is needed so plastic aligners can be placed strategically behind the teeth. These aligners can be tightened, loosened or repositioned any way the orthodontist sees fit. The aligners work in tandem with a clear plastic mouth guard that goes over the front and sides of the teeth. This mouth guard acts as a guide for the teeth to grow and move into. When the two are combined they form an incredibly effective method for moving teeth in a short period. It’s truly amazing what they can do with orthodontics today. To see this amazing system for yourself don’t hesitate to call i-Ortho today!


I Ortho

1400 Glenarm Place Suite 200

Denver, CO 80202

Phone: 303.662.9000

Fax: 303.662.9003

Email: info@i-ortho.com

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My little brother accessorizes his braces.

Getting braces is this mile stone in your life. I remember when my little brother got braces. It was such a weird thing, it reminded me that he was no longer a little boy. You don’t get braces until you are a preteen and I was not ready to accept he was a preteen! He was born when I was thirteen. It’s actually quite interesting, this very year he is the age that I was when he was born, thirteen and I am twenty-six. I think I find it more fascinating than he does, but my age is more subject to sentimentality than his is.

When he actually got his braces on, it completely freaked me out. I wasn’t ready to see him go into junior high! He ended up playing first string quarter back on his seventh grade football team and that just blew my mind. Especially because he was dating a cheerleader. Consequently she was also receiving orthodontics treatment so they were two peas in a pod! Even the last time I spoke with my little brother, his voice has completely changed and he sounded like a man. It was the craziest thing and I just can’t believe it.

So my little brother started to get his braces color coordinated to his school and to his favorite football team. Randomly, he really loves the Minnesota Vikings because of their colors, he really likes purple and yellow. He also would wear pink knee high sports socks to practice. Standing out like that is very popular these days, too bad it wasn’t when I was young, and either way my brother is so confident he is actually a trend setter. He was not a bracesplanned baby. His mother was thirty-eight when he was born and his dad was forty-nine. His mom already had a eleven and fourteen year old and his father had a thirteen and fifteen year old. As you might imagine, he grew up around people who were so much older than him, he gained a sense of confidence and po pularity at a very early age.

My brother seemed to really like his orthodontist, at least he wasn’t afraid of him at all. He went to the same orthodontist as my step-siblings did and it seemed to work for him very well. He is actually still wearing braces which are fixing something other than just crooked teeth in his mouth. Apparently there are some really crazy and wonderful things that an orthodontist can do with braces for your health. My little brother is going to be very healthy and I am so glad for that. He can be a role model for his friends and can continue to be healthy for a long time. Your dental hygiene is a very important thing and I am glad that his parents and he take it seriously. He definitely has a good time putting the Minnesota Viking’s color on his teeth, he definitely never changes the colors.

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Water damage is prevalent in Boston.

When I decided to move to Boston I knew that adjusting to the cold winters was going to be difficult for me; especially since I was moving there from Florida. I didn’t even own a winter jacket until I moved to Boston! I knew that I might have a hard time adjusting to the weather, but I don’t know if I will ever adjust to the maintenance issues that come with such cold winters. I had my first experience in dealing with water damage in Boston during the first winter that I lived there.

I had heard horror stories about how cold it got in Boston during the winter, and I spent a lot of time preparing myself and my wardrobe. I bought big winter coats and jackets, and a lot of warm socks and heavy boots. Truly, I was excited for the new experience and the only time in my life that I had ever seen snow was during a family vacation to Colorado when I was twelve. When the first snow of the season fell, I watched the snow pile up outside my window for an hour before I bundled up and went outside to walk through the snow.

During my first winter in Boston, it was a while before it got really cold. I thought that I had seen the worst of the winter, but I was wrong. One week in February the temperatures dropped drastically. By the third day of extremely low temperatures, I had started to get used to not being able to feel my face or ears. I returned home from a long day at work and couldn’t wait to curl up in my apartment to get warm. When I opened my front door, a blast of hot steam billowed out in to the hallway and at first I couldn’t see. It was so hot in my apartment that at first I thought the place was on fire. The fire alarm started going off and once some of the steam cleared out, I could see that my apartment was completely flooded. Apparently my upstairs neighbor wasn’t cold enough to turn on his heat, so his heating pipe froze and then burst right above my apartment. When it gets that cold in Boston, in order to prevent water damage you have to leave your heat turned on.

The water was flooding out from a heating pipe, so the hot water created stream which caused severe damage to all the walls and ceilings. My floor was flooded with two inches of standing water and my poor cat looked like he had just taken a swim. The repairs were a nightmare and took almost a month to complete. True to landlord fashion, my landlord was horribly rude and unhelpful during the whole ordeal. He acted as if it was my fault that my neighbor didn’t turn on his heat when it was negative twenty degrees! However, now that I have dealt with water damage in Boston in the dead of winter, I know that I can do anything.

Water Damage in Boston

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Read this before Going on a Gluten Free Diet

Much has been written and said about the gluten free diet. Debates on whether it is necessary for those without Celiac disease or if it can provide for a person’s dietary needs are on numerous health forums. The topic on going gluten free has been talked about in great deal. However, this type of diet remains to be widely misunderstood. Gluten free diet has its many ups and downs. Before you throw out all the gluten laden items from your pantry, here is a look on the things you need to know before you go gluten free.

gluten free tortilla

gluten free wraps

The difference between Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity

Celiac disease is an ailment that affects one in a hundred people. It is a disorder wherein the intake of any food item containing gluten can trigger an autoimmune reaction in the small intestine. An individual with celiac disease may experience growth and weight problems, chronic diarrhea, pain and fatigue. Gluten sensitivity is a separate disorder from Celiac disease. It is caused by the body reacting to gluten like that of an allergen. Common symptoms of gluten sensitivity are inflammation and skin problems like acne and dermatitis.

Going gluten free doesn’t always lead to weight loss

The popularity of going on a gluten free diet outside celiac disease is based on the claims that it helps an individual lose weight. To avoid gluten, a skip refined carbohydrates and exchange it for whole rains. The result is that the individual is able to ditch the excess carbs by subsisting on whole grains. However, since gluten free substitutes are readily available nowadays some who skip gluten end up consuming more sugar and fat. Skipping gluten may not necessarily help you lose weight but good choices when it comes to food intake will.

You still need a balanced diet

Individuals who are on a gluten free diet may be missing out on fibers and vitamins that are commonly found in gluten containing staples such as bread and bagel. To avoid this and to make sure that you are still consuming a balanced diet, proper replacement must take place. Consult a dietician to obtain an effective gluten free meal plan that includes your required amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Gluten is in more food items than bread

You can swear off bread and bagels in favor of gluten free tortilla and gluten free wraps but it doesn’t mean you are gluten free. Gluten is also found in beer, in some hotdogs and seasoned chips. Gluten is also contained in inconspicuous condiments such as soy sauce and ketchup.

There are many gluten free options

Going on a gluten free diet can be daunting for some because of the many everyday food items that contain gluten. However, it may not completely be as hard as it sounds. Numerous restaurants are now swapping their usual processed flour for gluten free whole grains. It is also common for groceries to dedicate an aisle or more for their gluten free offerings like gluten free tortillas and pure oats.

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The Urgent Care Extra Dobson Did Their Job Right

It doesn’t matter how it happens but when it does, your schedule may get a little complicated. It doesn’t matter if it’s a common cold or a weird mole that you want to get checked out, if you work a day job then getting into your doctor can be difficult. Why it is that all the family doctors work the same schedule that the rest of us do, I don’t know but it certainly doesn’t make any sense to me. Maybe that means that family doctors care more about the lifestyle that having a career like that provides as opposed to having a genuine passion for helping people. The last time I checked, the Hippocratic Oath stated something about helping people in need at all times, I could be wrong but do these guys have to have it all? Would it be too much to ask for someone to be on call or available for their patients til maybe 8 or 9 at night? Well, I have good news for you if you share any of these sentiments, no longer do you have to feel powerless in getting the care you need after your primary care doctor’s operating hours. The urgent care extra Dobson, for example, is open every day of the week and can see patients without an appointment until 9 PM. That’s right, I said that an appointment wasn’t necessary and their doors are open until the sun goes down on a long, summer day. They’re open long after the sun goes down in the Winter after daylight savings time kicks in, I just thought that the sun setting on the horizon with palm trees and the urgent care extra Dobson in the forefront created pleasant imagery.urgent care extra Dobson

You can find a whole lot more reasons to utilize the services of urgent care than reasons not to. In almost every non life-threatening scenario, urgent care makes more sense than going to a hospital emergency room or a seeing your family doctor. It’s less expensive than an emergency room visit, and they won’t keep you waiting like an emergency room likely will. The doctors at the urgent care extra Dobson and other urgent care centers like it are highly qualified and perfectly capable of handling your urgent and non-urgent medical care needs. They’re equipped to handle anything that your family doctor can too, and without an appointment it might seem like getting a flu shot from urgent care is more convenient than getting it from anywhere else. I encourage you to compare the list of services that your family care doctor offers against that same list of an urgent care extra facility. Be careful though, you might find that you can cut your primary care doctor out completely. Many people have and depending on your health insurance and the frequency at which you need to see a doctor, urgent care could be right up your alley. Regardless though, it’s nice to know that you have options for unexpected medical issues that come up and require attention.

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My favorite orthodontists is Dr. Mcsurdy


As a parent I feel like I have been waiting for this moment for years now. All of the talk about getting braces for the kids and which orthodontist we would choose to perform the procedure has finally come to fruition and we are getting braces for all three of our kids on the same day. Sure, the kids are a little over a year apart in age from each other but the youngest is 12 and the oldest is almost 15 so it seems like those are all except all ranges to start them on corrective dental wear. Now, since we are equipping three people with braces as opposed to one or two it would make sense that we would go cheap and get regular metal braces. However, because my husband expects to get a promotion at work soon which would need more income and more freedom to do what we choose with that income we have decided to pay the extra amount to get Invisalign braces. We still haven’t told the kids yet so it’s a surprise that we will reveal to them on the day we go to the orthodontist.

Why we chose Invisalign: my husband and I thought long and hard about the options before us and what treatment would be best for the kids. We tried to factor in every possible thing when making this decision because they would be forced to wear them every day for several months or maybe a year. When we thought about how kids are in junior high and high school and how cruel they can be we decided it would be better if our kids wore something that was discrete and hard to detect. This way, they could remain confident and focused on school and not get wrapped up in the aesthetics of how they look or how their prices have changed their appearance. Additionally, the Invisalign braces system is much more comfortable to wear and will cause them less discomfort and pain. If I could add a third point it would be that I believe the new system of braces works more efficiently and more quickly so the entire duration of the period of time will go down as well.
We will be going to the smile specialists on Monday to get fitted for these amazing braces. I’m actually kind of excited to see the process of how our orthodontist will measure the inside of each kids mouth to fit the Invisalign braces perfectly. It is pretty cool how far orthodontics has come in my lifetime so that now when you get fitted for clear plastic mouth guards they actually do a 3-D image of your mouth so they can get every contour exact.
I really recommend anyone in the Pennsylvania area in need of an orthodontist to contact the smile specialists. Part of the reason why we are also excited about Monday is that we love our orthodontist and look forward to every time we get to work with them.
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The Urgent Care Extra Dobson Made Things Easier

Getting sick or hurting yourself somehow is never a fun experience, but having the option to get the medical attention you need when it does happen is something to be grateful for. No one ever plans on getting sick or injured, it just happens and we have to react and handle it the best way we know how. Sometimes you can feel a sinus infection or a cold coming on and it’s possible to get into your doctor within a reasonable amount of time. If they can’t fit you in though, what are your options? Do you just have to wait it out until you start feeling better? Do you seek out medical attention from elsewhere? I recommend the latter of those options and by just going into your nearest urgent care facility. Urgent care is open everyday from 8 AM to 9 PM, and they’re capable of treating a wide variety of medical concerns and conditions. If I were you, I’d look up the nearest urgent care facility in your area and familiarize yourself with the long list of services they provide. The urgent care extra Dobsonurgent care extra Dobson is the closest to me, and I’ve personally been treated there before. I was impressed with how short the wait time was to see a doctor and the quality level of personal, and compassionate care that I received. For some reason, I expected a generic kind of healthcare experience, but I was pleased to find that it was anything but.

Have you ever found it difficult to get into the doctor in the middle of a busy work week? If you have, trust me you’re not alone. Whoever found it acceptable to make family doctors work hours the same as everyone’s else, must not been thinking about everyone involved. The idea of 999 people rearranging their schedules around 1 person doesn’t make a lot of sense, but the urgent care extra Dobson keeps their doors open until late. That way you can take care of your work obligations and then still be able to get in to see the doctor for whatever it is that you need. With hours like the urgent care extra Dobson has, you can even work an extra long day and still have enough daylight left to be seen by a qualified and competent doctor. Going into an urgent care facility instead of an emergency room for something serious but not life-threatening, will almost always cost you less and take up less of your time in the process. It doesn’t matter what the issue is, maybe you threw your back out or you just want to avoid getting the flu by receiving a flu shot, urgent care is there to service your needs. You may even find after a couple visits that taking the time out of your day to call and schedule an appointment with your family doctor is now too much to ask. Urgent care is all about convenience and they strive to provide the best care and make it as accessible to people as absolutely possible.

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Oil diffusers can make your home smell great

When most people need a home air freshener, they will typically go to visit the cleaning aisle in their local grocery store and grab a cheap and powerfully scented air freshener which will make their home smell like, well, the cleaning aisle in the grocery store.  While this is a quick fix to a bad smell in your home, many people do not think about the impact of this decision.  Many cheap home air fresheners are made up of chemicals and other ingredients which are not good for you home, the environment, or for you!  Not to mention that while it may smell good to you, many visitors to your home will not appreciate the strong smell of an air freshener.

The great news is that there are many natural alternatives to store bought air fresheners that can make your home smell great and even help to purify the air in your home and naturally clean it.  The most popular option for a natural air freshener is to use an oil diffuser with essential oils to freshen your home!  There are many places where you can purchase oil diffusers, which will likely come with an assortment of essential oils which you can use in the diffuser to make your home smell great.

Essential oils are a great way to make your home smell good.  Essential oils are derived from plants, which means they are all natural and can freshen up your home without adding any toxic products.  If you choose to purchase an oil diffuser for your home, you can then start shopping around for different essential oils to add to it.  You can find a wide variety of essential oils are your local health store, or you can order them online.  Essential oils can seem expensive, but when you learn about all their great uses, the money will be very worth it!  Not only do essential oils smell great, but some of them actually have properties which can help clean the air in your home! Do your research to learn about all of the great benefits of essential oils before you begin to purchase them.  Once you get a big enough collection, you can alternate between your favorite scents and even combine them to create truly unique smells for your home.

If you don’t want to spend the money on an oil diffuser, you can easily make one in your own home.  Oil diffusers are basically a container which holds the oil, and diffuses the scent around a room.  To make one at home, you just need to gather a few quick supplies which you may have around your house.

1) Purchase some small glass or ceramic jars- these will serve as your holder for the oil.  You can find a good selection of these at goodwill or another second hand store

2) Rubbing alcohol

3) Carrier oil- safflower oil works well as a carrier oil.

4) Wooden reed sticks or bbq skewers

5) The essential oil of your choice.

Mix together the carrier oil, rubbing alcohol, and a few drips of essential oil into the glass jar, and arrange the wooden sticks, which will help diffuse the scent, and voila, you have a great all natural air freshener for your home.

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Renovation design makes use of bright colors!

http://www.marrokal.com/ Decorating and design of any kind makes use of many different aspects of traditional designing. There are so many different aspects that must be taken into consideration. For example, coloring is a huge part of what brings a room to life. There is only so much flexibility when it comes to letting in natural light, the shape of the walls, and some other aspects. Indeed, decorating a small space can also be a real challenge when it comes to making a design work for you. However, thinking about how you can use color and take advantage of a space, regardless of its size and dimensions, can be the real telling aspect of a person’s design capabilities.

Whenever you are making use of a home renovation, a few important things must be noted. First, when taking advantage of color, note a few of the recent trends in colors. Color forecasters are experts at making predictions about coloring and which colors will be the ones to take over the New Year. As with most years, these forecasters have anticipated that 2014 will be big on seashore and natural colors. Neutrals like sand and mint green towards the light blue hues of ocean tides and the warm pinks, oranges, and reds of the sunset are the big choices in natural and seashore themed colors this year. Corals and teals are also important colors to take into consideration when using color accents in your decorating. For example, if you are adding in an accent wall, pick a coral or a teal color. If you are painting a large open space, then perhaps consider yellow, jewel, or mint green color. These colors are especially good to use if you are looking to bring a feeling of renewed life and energy into a room. Many people who are engaging in home renovations find this to be an important part of their renovation design journey. The prospect of renewed energy and life that can be given by simply adding an accent wall or repainting a room are great reasons to start investing in home renovation. If you are looking to give a rejuvenating and restful coloring to a room, go with a cream or soft sand color. These colors are ideal for resting spaces, like bedrooms and bathrooms. In contrast, light blues, pinks, and periwinkles are becoming the new off-white in that they can be utilized in almost any room in the house to make other colors really pop and stand out. These color palates are great ways to get back in touch with nature, and 2014 seems to be especially focused on making this happen for homeowners and home renovators everywhere.

Regardless of how you go about renovating your home, understanding your personal goals in the renovation are an important part of the process. To make your ideal home renovation happen, think about your goals. Think about the kind of energy you want to give off. Think about all the things that you want the room you are renovating to represent, and then; proceed!

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Genesis Roofing is the Best Around


There are many businesses that start out small, only to become the large and successful companies that they are today.  From Microsoft to Amazon, all of these companies have had very humble beginnings and have gone on to shape our future.  All it takes is some dedication to your craft and hard work out in the field.  This is exactly where Genesis Roofing started as well.  Back in 1999, Genesis Roofing started out as a humble painting company, but now they are a full fledged roofing company that also takes care of many other aspects of homes and businesses.  After all of these years, they have perfected their craft and have become one of the most reliable roofing companies in the greater Denver area.

One of Genesis Roofing’s best traits is that they have been given an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for the past six years in a row!  This isn’t an easily achieved feat, as it takes dedication from all members of the business, as well as showing excellent customer satisfaction through their work.  A lot of other companies can’t compare to the quality that comes from Genesis Roofing, and I have personally seen the true extent of the work that Genesis does.  For example, I had some minor roof damage after a fierce wind storm passed through.  A lot of the roofing shingles had fallen off of my roof, and it looked like it was in a state of total disarray.  Thankfully, Genesis Roofing had been quick to my initial call, and they were able to help me as soon as they could.  I made the choice to have each and every shingle replaced, as I felt like it would look better as a uniform roof.  I also wanted to have more security with all of the roofing shingles as well, so they wouldn’t get torn up during the next wind storm.  After all of Genesis Roofing’s diligent work, I found that my roof looked brand new, even with just a set of new shingles!  All of my roof has remained intact, as well, even after multiple wind storms have passed through our area!

All in all, I can confidently say that Genesis Roofing is one of the best companies out there, and I have seen all of their hard work and dedication in person.  Not only were they polite to me over the phone, but they also took their time to completely understand all of my questions and concerns, only to meet and exceed my expectations for the quality of their work.  I will always highly recommend Genesis Roofing to all of my friends and family, as they know exactly what they are doing.  If you are looking to have a company do work for an insurance claim on your home, Genesis Roofing also does an excellent job with making arrangements with your insurance agency, and they make sure all claims are fair and accurate.  I’m incredibly grateful to know that Genesis Roofing will always be around to take care of all of my roofing needs.

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