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Digital media and its attendant programs offer lots of potential for new and creative ways of conducting business. The role of the Internet is already reshaping the ways that businesses are going about their affairs. Anymore, having a website is not optional. Any given business must have some form of web presence. Not only do any successful businesses have websites, many businesses are taking advantage of social media in order to reach specific demographics with specific messages. There is a greater flexibility to craft your message in the way that you want to. And there is greater possibility to reach the people you want to. But all of this can be rather complicated. As great of potential as there may be, it is all relatively new. And unless your business is online marketing, you probably spend your time refining your expertise, which does not involve marketing or digital programming. So how are you going to navigate these news, uncharted waters? You are not. You should hire a company that knows what they are doing and can give your consultation. Because digital media and online marketing has such huge potential for changing the way that business is done, online marketing companies invest their efforts in harnessing that potential. That means that online marketing has become a fine science. Ultimately, this is better for you. It is better to invest the capital to hire someone else to do this. It would take you far more time to figure it out yourself, and the idea that any old person can try their hand at it undervalues the art of marketing. Web design combines computer programming and graphic design. In the aesthetics of marketing, there is more going on below the surface than what simply looks good. The principles of design are being applied in new and exciting ways because they are becoming digitized. This means that people can manipulate images in unconventional ways. We who are not actively involved in this trade might be tempted to undersell the difficulty of this. And we would be mistaken to do so. Hiring a web development consultant or a company that will be tasked with the design job is a great way to invest your budget. Not only are you investing in the design side of things, but you are also placing a bet that effectively says that you believe digital media is the mode of future. Personally, I think that this is a safe bet. I cannot imagine a realistic future in which having a web presence for your business would be a bad thing. Now, the industry will change without doubt. The rate of change that has taken place so far within the realm of digital media is somewhat startling. But this does not necessarily amount to instability in my eyes. I think that it is still a safe bet to invest your companies budget into developing a social media strategy. It is not going anywhere. It might change, but it will not disappear. Even if in a different form, you are going to be happy you have a web presence.

social media strategy

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I was in a car accident in front of Phoenix Urgent Care

They say that when you are in a terrible accident you don’t remember it.  For me, that was both true and untrue.  I was in a car accident in Phoenix about 6 months ago that I am still recovering from.  Luckily, the accident happened right in front of Phoenix Urgent Care, otherwise, I wouldn’t be here to talk about it.  The ironic thing about the location of the accident is that I was actually on my way to Phoenix Urgent Care when it happened.  I had a migraine head ache that wouldn’t go away after a week no matter how many pain killers I took.  I was driving my self.  When I got a green light at an intersection, I went.  I remember looking to my left while crossing the intersection because something crossed my mind.  It was a big Dodge pick up truck steaming through its red light and heading right towards me. I remember accelerating as fast as I could to try and avoid the truck, but it barreled into my car at a very high speed.  I remember a moment of pain and then my memory of the accident stops.  I do however remember a lot of weird dreams.   It turns out that I was rushed to the Phoenix Urgent Care right away.  I was taken to the operating room where I was put into an artificial coma fro several weeks.  I had such a bad injury to my brain that I was administered a slew of drugs to try to keep the swelling down.  However, the drugs didn’t work and the doctors were forced to cut into my skull in order to prevent my death by relieving the pressure on my swelling brain.  I don’t remember any of this.  I do have a lot of memories of that time though.  My memories are from my subconscious, which is where I was dwelling at the time.  It was a surreal place that my dreams came from.  There were half memory and half desire.  The dreams, or should I say memories, started out in my child hood.  I was placed in memories with my family, but there was someone else in the memory that didn’t belong.  When I asked his name, he said that he was called Dante.  Dante was a guide through my early child hood.  I relived all the awkward moments of my youth.  I don’t remember any good memories during this time.  After a while, Dante left me and I was left to relive the experiences of my twenties.  After a lot of indecision in my life I moved to Seattle when I was 22.  When I was in Seattle, I met a beautiful woman named Beatrice.  It was at this part of my dream that Beatrice herself became the guide through my memories.  As she was part of the memories themselves, we relived the experiences together.  This part of the dream was much nicer that my childhood.  The best part of the dream was when I finally awoke at Phoenix Urgent Care.  Beatrice was there with me.  She was my wife.

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My husband has a new smile with invisalign

It actually took me a really long time to get used to the fact that my husband doesn’t have the same crooked toothed smile that he has always had before. About two years ago he decided that he would move forward with getting some dental work done, and a piece of that was getting his teeth straightened and whitened.  This could be done together if he chose to do the straightening with the invisalign braces instead of the traditional braces methods. So of course, two birds with one stone, he decided to go that way and get them both done at the same time. He needed to get some surgery taken care of before he could move forward with the invisalign, so after that was completed we really began to see the transformation.  I wasn’t really prepared for how differently he would look after it was all done, because I’ve always been so used to him looking a certain way when he smiles at me. But now that is gone, and its replaced with this smooth, straight, and white toothed smile.  I can’t believe that the invisalign was able to work so well and so quickly. While straightening the teeth, there was also a whitening agent that you put into the invisalign product that goes on your teeth. While that product is straightening your teeth, they are being coated in a whitening mixture that works at the same time. There are now several other things that we want to work on together, since he has been excited by the white and straight teeth, we are thinking of moving on to getting more exercise, getting back into better shape, and eating a more healthy diet.  These are all going to work together with the new smile to make us look better and healthier. I always liked the crooked grin that he had, but he never really did. He always quietly wanted his smile to be more normal or more perfect looking. While I was finding it endearing, he just wanted to be the same as everyone else. While most people have had braces as children, he missed out on that and so felt a little on the outside this whole time. But with the invisalign, he didn’t have to go through the metal braces phase that everyone else does when they are in school.  So it was the perfect solution, to be able to fix the teeth and make them white again, while doing it in a somewhat secret way. People don’t see it as obviously as they do the traditional braces that so many people have to get. Now that this product is out on the market though, I’m guessing that there won’t be very many people who get traditional style braces any longer, because these are so invisible and don’t have to be obvious any longer. And, the bonus of course is that you can whiten at the same time as you straighten, which can’t be done with the metal style braces either.


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Turn your website design from good to great

Several key factors are in play that can really bring a website design to life. When trying to improve the look and feel of your website consider some of these suggestions to really boost your website design.  The first rule of thumb for having in building your website is to have something that is clean looking. When people click on your website they like to see organization and a nice clean layout of the space that is used. Often is good to use categories in separate boxes to allow people to clearly identify options and other items that they can click on.  The next item they should be considered is what he used throughout the typography of the layout. By being able to change the font sizes of your website you can attract more attention to certain items. It allows people to see the big picture as well as the little picture and identify the difference between them. Often most people look at the big print first in their eyes scanned the page is necessary. When designed correctly you can have their eyes go to where they need to go quickly and get the attention that you are looking for.  website developmentThis is very important for those who are scanning to websites looking for what they need. They are not going to spend a lot of time until they find what they’re looking for my being able to have this type of presents in your website they can quickly scan to see the key points that they are looking for. Has they find more and more of what they look for they look to the smaller print and follow it down as needed. It is always a good idea not to have the same size font throughout the website. Can be very confusing to people and lead them away from the site quickly. I’m not stopped in just to make sure that you are using the right colors to identify your website. Using wild and crazy colors can really drop people away especially if it’s not appropriate for what your profession is.  It can also be a great opportunity to be very creative. By making the right color schemes and putting them together can really bring people to draw upon your website and stay there. They enjoy the pleasing look they see in the website and can drive their attention to where they need to be.
The last item that should always be important to having good web development is making sure that you pay attention to detail. Using great pictures and making sure that everything overall is very clean and its design will help just establish focus for people when viewing the website. This means that there are not too many options going on but yet not too little. When people look at your website they want to know that you are a professional. This doesn’t mean it has to be cookie-cutter to be professional you can still be very creative while maintaining a clean look to your webpage. When you get all of these points together you’re likely to have a very successful website design. This allows for responsive website development when people are searching for businesses. You are more recognized the more your business is put together unit’s web development.

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Home automation can be conveniently integrated into your home security system

home security Recently I have become very interested in the nuances of home security and what I can do to enhance my own home security. I’d like to share some of the things that I have learned in the hopes that someone will avoid potentially making a mistake that can cost them their valuables, money, and sense of safety. One of the first things that I learned was what one should do when going on vacation. If you are like me, you are very worried about the possibility of a break-in occurring when you are out on vacation. I don’t want to be worrying about this when I am somewhere far away, trying to relax, so I learned some things you can do to enhance your security when your home is at its most vulnerable. The first thing you should keep in mind is to not be too open about your vacation. It is tempting to broadcast this kind of information on social media sites and brag about it to your co-workers, but this can really backfire on you. By sharing this information, you are basically letting everyone know that you won’t be around and your valuables are up for grabs. Another thing you should do is make sure you have someone you trust coming to your home to collect your mail and take your newspaper off the driveway. Having mail and newspaper deliveries piling up is a clear sign to a home intruder that your home is open to be broken into. This is an easy way for a potential intruder to case your home out for a burglary job.

Taking these kind of measures are sure to reduce the chance that your home will be broken into, but it simply isn’t enough. To tell the truth, your home is vulnerable to intrusion even when you are out running errands such as going to the grocery store. Most thieves can get in and out of your house with a significant amount of valuables in only ten to twenty minutes, so your best bet to avoid this kind of tragedy is to invest in a home security system. These systems are a huge deterrent to thieves, as they make your house too much work to be worth it. The risk of entering a home that has a security system is just too great, no matter how many valuables you have. A thief is much more likely to move on to an easier target rather than risk breaking into a home that might have alarms going off. Should a thief try to do this anyway, they are not going to get very far. These days you can have your home automation system integrated with your security system, which makes them even more convenient. You might one day leave for work, running late, and you suddenly don’t remember whether or not you activated your security system. With home automation integrated into your system, you can simply check and arm your security system directly from your smart phone or PC at work.

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Choosing the Proper Roofing for your Home

It had taken an incredibly long time, but my husband and I were finally building the house of our dreams. We had designed it from the floor up and were trying to decide on how to do the roofing. There are so many options when it comes to roofs! From sod roofs to solar panels to even all the different types of shingles! Our roof was going to be a very strange looking one, since we wanted a garden on top and solar panels.roof repair

This meant we had to get with the engineers over the infrastructure design of the building to make sure the roof was designed to hold up the weight of soil and snow. Also solar panels are not always the lightest either, and when you add all of this up it can get pretty heavy. We also decided to consult professional roofers while trying to decide what to do. We were able to get a free estimate on how much it would cost to do different designs. There was also the option to do a metal roof, which we are still considering seeming to there is less of a chance of wildfires spreading if you have a metal roof. Seeming to my aunt had lost her house in years back to the forest fires that had ravaged Colorado, I have a strong feeling that is what we will do.

There is also the factor of how much maintenance is on each roof and how often each roof style needs to get replaced. Usual tiles and shingled roofs need to be replaced every twenty to fifty years depending on the care and maintenance given. It is ideal to have your roof checked annually to keep from a small problem growing into a greater one. Roof repair work and inspections should always also be done in the warmer dryer times of the year. This is another great thing about metal roofing; it usually last a lifetime! Some metal roofs come with life time warranties that guarantee they will not even fade for twenty years! I was also concerned that a metal roof would be much louder than a traditional tile roof. However because of the way it is designed to where the metal is laid over a solid substrate and the insulation and the attic lay between you and the roof, it is actually no noisier than a traditional tile or shingle roof.

I will admit that the lay down price for metal appears more pricey than a basic shingled roof. However with the lifetime warranties, and the cost of maintenance, not to mention the stress of having to always worry so much about your roof; my husband and I have decided it would be well worth it if we decided to go that route. We are still looking into all our options, but we know we will find a trustworthy company to lay down our roofing. my expectations are a company that has factory certified installers. I never thought we would put so much thought into our roof, but it turns out this is one of the most vital elements to any house!

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How To Choose A GPS Tracking Device

gps asset trackingGPS asset tracking devices are highly regarded in the trucking industry. In fact, some drivers and managers may even go as far as to state that such systems are indispensable. However, some systems may create more issues than solutions. As a result, when choosing a GPS tracking device, there should be specific goals set, and integration of advanced technology to prevent one or more of the following situations:

Low Bridge Overpasses – because many trucks are built higher than regularly passenger vehicles, there are some restrictions while driving. When passing under a bridge or tunnel for instance, warnings will usually be displayed in white and black signs regarding height restrictions. To minimize the waste of time and energy driving a specific route, GPS systems that calculate these limitations and make the wisest suggestions for detours should be offered.

Transporting Hazardous Materials – there are also restrictions for transporting hazardous materials on regular roadways. The cookie cutter GPS tools offered in electronics stores may therefore become irrelevant to these industries. To ensure GPS selections that work for your business, be sure to consult with commercial GPS tracking providers, that can customize based on the company’s needs.

More details can be read on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which is the regulatory board for moving and trucking businesses that cross state lines. The local municipality garners some control, plus the USDOT FMCSA provides a comprehensive map of all routes for hazardous materials in the United States. Examples of hazardous materials include compressed gas, acid and others that could cause havoc to passengers if spilled.

Other factors affecting GPS tracking selections include the height, weight and axle of the truck.

The above synopsis provides GPS tracking tips for fleet management, but what about selections for in-store GPS tracking. Here are some of the top selections and advice:

Geofence – basically provides an invisible barrier for larger equipment and is essential in warehouse inventory management systems. This technology is practical for a range of industries including importing and exporting, and production companies that fulfill large orders at one time.

RFID – this technology is practical for retailers who would like to reduce inventory loss. Shoppers may already be aware of this technology, as the failure to pay for merchandise will usually result in an alarm system being set off. The cashier usually removes these tags once customers pay to prevent any embarrassment or harassment of customers.

QR Codes – are somewhat the equivalent of tracking codes. These codes can be scanned each time a package passes through dedicated portals. This form of GPS tracking is especially useful for courier services including the U.S. Postal Mail services that have followed suit to companies like FEDEX and UPS as an example. Once customers receive orders, the shipping is marked as fulfilled, and the tracking provides better accountability.

As depicted, tracking devices aren’t a one size fits all scheme. Selections should be made based on the company’s goals.

Consultations with commercial tracking vendors is a must before any specific selections are made.

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Check the facts and see how amazing Invisalign is!



The more you learn about Invisalign braces, the more appealing they become. For me, it took just one visit to my orthodontist at i-braces-VIP to be completely sold on the system and the way they implement it.

Unlike the standard metal braces that can take up to a year or more to get your teeth in the desired final position, the Invisalign system is much faster and can shed several months off of that final time. Computer generated images of your mouth are used to create unique mouth guards and plastic aligners. These aligners are placed in specific spots in your mouth, behind the teeth on the top and bottom row. The work in conjunction with the clear mouth guard in an aim to move teeth slowly, bit by bit. When the desired movement is achieved with that specific group of aligners, new ones are put in to continue the movement. This can all be done in as few as twelve steps but as many as forty eight, depending on how much work has to be done.

I am really happy that I go to such an amazing orthodontist because they really made me feel at home and that I made a good decision by going with Invisalign. I was really nervous about paying the extra money to go with this unique system but the pamphlet was very convincing and so too was my dentist. He was actually quite passionate about how well Invisalign works as opposed to the standard braces that dentists and orthodontists have been using for years.

A great thing about the Invisalign system is that these plastic aligners and the clear mouth guard that goes over your teeth can be removed when you want to brush your teeth, have coffee or eat dinner. It doesn’t disrupt the progress of the system that much so people who wear Invisalign are free to remove them whenever they want. This is certainly a major advantage over standard metal braces that are semi-permanent and cannot be removed by anyone except an orthodontist.

Seeing as Invisalign braces are so comfortable and so much more convenient it is no wonder that they are becoming so popular. More and more adults are electing to get braces even if they are in a profession that requires them to maintain their appearance. For these people Invisalign braces are a lifesaver because often times people cannot tell you are wearing them. Unlike metal braces which cause inflammation and irritation in the gums due to the harsh feeling on your teeth, Invisalign is gentle on the gums and does not effect your outward appearance. Many people who try Invisaign are pleasantly surprised at how discreet and truly hard to see they are. It’s a testament to how far orthodontics has come in the past few years.

Talk to your orthodontist about Invisalign braces to see if they are right for you. You can get the same results as wearing regular braces but without having to compromise the way you look in the process.



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Bucket List – Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

My whole adult life I have wanted to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. I’m not really a mountain climber, though living in Denver I have climbed my share of fourteeners, as we call them here.  But nothing anywhere near the type of mountain Kilimanjaro is.  So it has always been on my bucket list, and I have always dreamed about doing it and thought about doing it, I just never really worked toward planning it and making it all a reality. But life has a way of showing you that important things should not be continually put off, and this year my goal is to make as many of my bucket list items a reality as possible.  When you lose people close to you, who had so many years of life left in them, it makes you wonder what you really want to do while you are still allowed time to do it.  I lost some very important people over the last two years, and I’ve been thinking more and more about what is the most important thing to me, and the experiences that I know I want to have in my life.  I’ve been reviewing my bucket list, and climbing Kilimanjaro is still up there near the top, and it is still not done. I think for sure the next thing that I put my focus and my time and effort into is going to be making this dream into a reality. I will need to formulate a plan, because this is definitely one of the biggest and most expensive things that I have tried to plan in my life. It will require flying to Africa and making my way to the mountain, but it will also require a lot of leg work on my part, a lot of training and walking up mountains here in Colorado.  My best friend has always been my partner when it comes to mountain climbing, and I’ve convinced him to come with me to climb Kilimanjaro. So we are taking the challenge seriously together, and are going to be working out nearly every day to get ourselves in shape for what is to come. I’m not too worried about the actual climb, because we will be hiring professional mountain climbers from a local company there to lead the trip and keep us on track. But they aren’t involved in all the preparation work that we will be doing here, so we need to be sure that we really keep that in mind and do our best to get in mountain climbing shape.  The best part about the whole trip will be working with a local climbing company, outfitters who know the mountain and will be able to successfully lead us to the top. It is the drudgery that will happen before hand that is the most difficult. But I keep remembering that life is short, and that I want to do these things that I have always planned, I want to get them done so I can have those experiences instead of just wishing for them.

climb kilimanjaro

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